Las Aguilas Jungle Park is one of the many reasons why Tenerife is the best island in the Canaries. The line between a zoo and botanic oasis blurs at this 7.5-hectare property where animals roam freely. Among its many features are the authentic waterfalls, lagoons, caves, and well-maintained walking paths and suspension bridges.

This wildlife sanctuary is home to over 500 animals, and as zoos go, the habitat is among the world’s most comfortable. The star attraction of the Jungle Park are the shows featuring exotic birds and birds of prey that never fail to dazzle thousands of visitors on a regular basis.

Animals and Attractions of Las Aguilas Jungle Park

Get up close and personal with the well-loved residents of Las Aguilas Jungle Park.

Bird Shows

At noontime and 16:00 daily, the Bird of Prey Show, featuring eagles and falcons, mesmerizes the audience with a display of their agility and speed. What makes it even more spectacular is that these are birds flying overhead.

The tricks and skills of intelligent parrots, hornbills and other colorful birds at the Exotic Bird Show are also a delight to the senses. These exotic birds bring an artistic touch to the show with their elegance and palette of flashing colors as they spread their wings. Whether on the ground or in full flight, these elusive birds never disappoint as the park’s jewel on the crown. The Exotic Bird Show runs daily at 11:00 and 14:30.


Get up close and personal with man’s closest relative in the animal kingdom. Among the primates featured in the park are the charming orangutans from Borneo and Sumatra, restless gibbons, monk-like Capuchin monkeys and Titi monkeys. The lemurs from Madagascar also attracts visitors with their intensely fiery gaze.


What’s a zoo without those feisty cats? Two white lions from South Africa stand out from all the cats residing in the park. These species are currently endangered with only a few remaining worldwide. Watch out for the ferocious tree-climbing leopards and their cousins, the pitch-black jaguars.

Sea Lions Show

With the help of professional trainers, fall in love with this family of sea lions as they show how capable they are in entertaining their audience. This new and exciting show that runs at 13:45 daily, is immersive and interactive in all aspects.

Visitors who would like to take their adventures to the next level are encouraged to try the Sea Lion Encounter. This new activity brings the visitors closer to the wonderful world of the sea lions. In doing so, visitors will be able to gain in-depth knowledge about their behaviors and understand the importance of maintaining their natural habitat.


The unique species of Pigmy Hippopotamus is smaller than any species frequently seen in films or documentaries. These species live in the African equatorial jungle and, surprisingly for many, they are vegetarians. At Las Aquilas Jungle Park, the sight of this strange family of hippos in their healthy habitat is a sheer pleasure to watch.


On the aquatic front, Humbolt penguins from the temperate waters of the South Pacific bask all day. Interrupting their routine are their occasional dip in the pool and feeding time at 12:45.


These creatures surely have a way of luring people, no matter how morose and cold-blooded they are. At their enclosures, visitors see how snakes, iguanas, and turtles live and interact with each other. Also, there are a number of menacing crocodiles and alligators.


For thrill-seekers, why not try the Bob? At an extra fee of 4 Euros, travel at immeasurable speed and cover up to 800 meters of the jungle on a sleigh. This trip on the fast lane is the most entertaining way to go around the park.

Jungle Raid

Jungle Raid allows adrenaline-junkies to embark on an adventure through the park with a thrilling circuit: with ropes, bridges, passages, and tunnels of over 300 meters long. Gear up with the courage of Indiana Jones and dare to go deep into Jungle Raid without the need of a whip.

How to Get There

Set high in the hills behind the resorts of Los Cristianos, the park is located far from the touristy and dry climate areas in Tenerife.

For this reason, the park provides a free and convenient daily bus service from several pick-up points in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. For other areas, booking in advance is recommended through the park’s official website. For those who opt to drive on their own, use this GPS coordinates: 28°04’52.47″N 16°41’40.49″W.

Entrance Fees and Opening Hours

Tickets may be purchased online through the park’s official website. The standard ticket price for those 11 years old and older is 26 Euros. Tickets for children 5-10 years old costs 18 Euros and 9.50 Euros for 3-4 years old. Toddlers may enter free of charge. There are also family pack and other ticket bundles available for purchase. Also, locals get a special discount for the 1-day ticket.

Las Aguilas Jungle Park is open all year round, and gates are open from 10:00 to 17:30 daily.

Restaurant and Souvenir Shop

Visitors will never go hungry with the three food and drink areas strategically located within the park. These areas offer a number of fast food products including hamburgers, pizzas, hotdogs and more.

Of course, the Jungle Park would not let its visitors go empty handed. The park’s souvenir shop is worth spending a couple of minutes in. Here, a broad range of branded products, as well as irresistible mini replicas of the park residents, are available.

Not Just a Menagerie

One doesn’t have to go too far and too many places to explore the wonders of nature and have close encounters with animals from South Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. At Las Aguilas Jungle Park, every walking path leads to discovery and understanding of these creatures that humans share the world with.