Fundacion César Manrique

César Manrique's House Lanzarote

A sea of lava is a sad reminder of how destructive nature can be. To an imaginative mind like César Manrique’s, though, it’s a diamond in the rough. With creativity, he turned this hidden gem into a famous work of art – the Volcano House. Today, it is also called Fundacion César Manrique, Tahíche’s most […]

Barco de la Virgen: Naval Museum

Barco de la Virgen La Palma

In the discovery of the Americas, Christopher Columbus’ flagship was the “Santa Maria.” It was the biggest of the small fleet of three. And, for a couple of decades now, it’s been docked next to Plaza de la Alameda in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Well, its replica, the Naval Museum named Barco de la […]

Cueva Pintada

Cueva Pintada

There is no other place which evokes the ancient past of an island the way Cueva Pintada does. The famous museum and archaeological site in Gran Canaria lets visitors experience a sensory-filled blast from the past. Take a step in the painted caves which for centuries have held the memories of the Guanches, the ancient […]

ARTlandya Doll Museum

ARTlandya is not the typical tourist attraction especially when it comes to museums. For those who did visit, it must have brought back nostalgic memories of childhood. See for yourself why the private doll collection of a passionate Austrian couple is regarded as one of the best-hidden gems in the Canaries. Located in the historic […]