Morro Jable

Where the Natural and the Artificial are in Harmony

Stunning is the word that best describes Jandia Peninsula’s shoreline. Set in the Pajara municipality, many of Fuerteventura‘s magnificent coastal offerings are here. The most notable of them all is the old-meets-new town of Morro Jable. With its majestic white sand, unbelievable beauty, and essential amenities, tourists need only focus on their vacation and their […]


Los Bermejales, Gran Canaria

Northern Canary countryside has a distinct charm. Although often with frigid breeze, it has an eternal warm and laid-back vibe. Smiles from strangers are friendly and never unsettling. Furthermore, the hasty outside world doesn’t upset its slow-paced ways. Such is the municipality of Firgas in Gran Canaria. Also known as “La Villa del Agua”, it […]

Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua Theater Stage

Having been born from volcanic activities, the Canary Islands is a lava cave-rich land. These natural forms, though, were never seen as something of any beauty or use. Well, not until Cesar Manrique merged art and nature’s handiwork to create masterpieces. Amongst his works of art is Jameos del Agua in Haria. Hailed as the […]

Villa Winter

Villa Winter Pico de Zarza Fuerteventura

Of fantastic architecture and with fabulous natural surroundings, Villa Winter must have been majestic during its heyday. As its backdrop is the colossal Pico de Zarza, Fuerteventura’s highest mountain. From its balconies, Playa Cofete’s golden sand expanse and azure waters can be admired. Picture-perfect in every way if only its very existence isn’t veiled with […]

Playa de la Calera

Playa de la Calera Valle Gran Rey

The municipality of Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera is blessed with many natural spectacles. Included in the list is Playa de la Calera, an idyllic black sand beach at the foot of the mountain of the same name. Families and those who prefer quiet holidays call this waterfront the perfect getaway. With its tranquil […]

Castillo de San Miguel

Castillo de San Miguel is located close to Los Cristianos in southern Tenerife. Spending an evening in this majestic place is magnificent in all aspects. Visitors find themselves immersed in history, great food and spectacular entertainment the castle brings. The castle is not an authentic construction erected during the Middle Ages, nor do they claim […]