Los Tilos Laurel Forest

Marcos y Cordero Los Tilos

Often referred to as “Isla Bonita” or beautiful island, La Palma is also the greenest in the Canaries for its overflowing natural wealth. Thus, it is a fitting home to Los Tilos, one of the few surviving Laurisilva forests on the planet. The enchanting forest nestled between colossal mountains has thrived for millions of years. […]

El Garoé

Visiting El Garoé El Hierro

In the placid town of San Andrés in El Hierro is where the legendary El Garoé once stood. It was a tree that gave life to the whole island. Although many doubt this story, experts can’t seem to refute it either. True or not, it’s remarkable enough to be one of the symbols of the […]

Corralejo Natural Park

Corralejo Natural Park Road

Covering an area of 26sqm, the bits and pieces of sands sparkle like diamonds in a vast expanse of dunes. The dramatic rise and fall of hills extend all the way to several beaches. As impressive as Maspalomas in Gran Canaria is, it pales in comparison to Corralejo Natural Park, the pride of Fuerteventura. The […]

Frontera Rural Park

Although smallest of the Canaries, El Hierro remains blessed. It has some of the most beautiful landscape not only in the archipelago but also the world. The island, featuring several protected natural and rural parks, has a majestic yet diverse terrain. From ancient Laurel forests to arid terrains and volcanic peaks, it is also home […]

Tamadaba National Park

In a small continent, where does one go to experience the most stunning landscapes? Tamadaba Natural Park is Gran Canaria’s best bet. The oldest and biggest forest in the island is also the home of thousands of endemic plants and animals. Venture into its tree-lined hiking trail and be rewarded with the most breath-taking views […]

Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park Entrance

Palmitos Park is the most popular recreational spot in the island of Gran Canaria. This subtropical park offers the serenity of nature and the excitement of wildlife. There are thrilling shows featuring birds of prey and exotic birds that astonish its visitors. It also boasts of a one-of-a-kind experience with lovely and smart dolphins. These […]