Top Destinations for a Dreamy Honeymoon in the Canary Islands

Oh, the Canary Islands, with its stunning landscapes, rich cultures, and exciting activities, is the destination where dreamy honeymoons are made. Each island in this archipelago off the coast of Africa (but still very much a part of Spain) boasts romantic spots that’ll take the honeymooners’ breath away in perfect unison. If you are planning to tie the knot and looking for the ideal honeymoon destination or want to impress your significant other with a getaway that will outshine all your previous romantic escapes, we have the dreamiest places for romance you must absolutely add to your itinerary.

people-near body of water during night time
Silhouette of people near body of water during night time – ©Artie Kostenko


Teide National Park

You can stand hand-in-hand with your loved one at the summit of Mount Teide and say, “We are above all of Spain.” Now, that’s something not a lot of honeymooners can claim. Being this high, you also enjoy an excellent view of Mother Nature’s grandeur in your surroundings, the rugged landscape that seems to have been borrowed from a different planet. And, at night, you can enjoy a stargazing experience, thanks to the clear Canarian skies.

La Orotava

After committing to a future together, step back in time in the beautiful and historic La Orotava. This northern Tenerife town is famous for its terraced gardens, colonial buildings, and cobblestone streets, all of which come splendidly together to provide a spectacular backdrop for romantic strolls. If you visit during the spring or early summer, the entire La Orotava is in full bloom and bursting with vibrant colors. You’ll find yourself wishing you could retake your wedding photos here.

Playa de las Teresitas

The island has quite a long list of lovely, must-visit beaches, but Playa de las Teresitas is one you shouldn’t miss if you desire bathing in relaxation, comfort, and convenience on your honeymoon. Covered in golden sand said to have been imported from the Sahara, this picturesque oasis has a calm bay and is backed by mountains. Facilities and dining options are excellent, too, so you can spend an entire day here with ease.

Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Dunes

The majestic Maspalomas Dunes – ©qbraem

The famous Maspalomas Dunes is guaranteed to provide your honeymoon with adventures and a dramatic setting, both sought-after in creating memorable experiences. Newlyweds can either explore by foot, ideally at sunrise, or enjoy a slow and relaxing camel ride as the sun goes down. Both are romantic; the latter is especially popular with couples, as the views of the horizon, the sea, and the sands bathing in a warm orange hue are simply unforgettable.

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is a great destination for newlyweds who love leisure activities and dining. Monikered “Little Venice,” the canals and small bridges are emblematic features of this charming fishing village. The colorful bougainvillea flowers and picturesque harbor also add a touch of romance to this quaint area. 

Roque Nublo

A must-do for adventurous couples and nature lovers, a hike around the pine forest surrounding Roque Nublo promises an exhilarating experience with panoramas deserving of a National Geographic magazine spread. If you want to feel on top of the world, walk up to the summit of the plateau that supports this volcanic rock formation, and you’ll even get to admire the natural beauty across the island.


Timanfaya National Park

When celebrating your union in Lanzarote, riding through these otherworldly volcanic landscapes on camelback brings a mix of thrill and awe to the trip. Plus, the park’s unique geology creates an extraordinary backdrop for photos and exploration, while Restaurante El Diablo, right at the heart of Timanfaya, offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with meals cooked using geothermal heat from the volcanoes.

Jameos del Agua

A masterpiece of the natural world touched by the artistic genius of the legendary César Manrique, this attraction symbolizes how nature and human creativity can seamlessly merge to create something truly magical, just like the coming together of two souls in a marriage. What will you find in this underground volcanic tunnel? A concert hall, restaurant, and salt lake you won’t find in other destinations for romance.

Mirador del Río

Another exceptional César Manrique creation, this viewpoint is a window to sweeping views of the ocean, Risco de Famara, and the neighboring island of La Graciosa, which, by the way, is also a wonderful honeymoon destination. It’s a perfect spot for newlyweds to savor the natural beauty that only this part of the island can offer, capture panoramic couple selfies, and enjoy some quiet moments away from the crowd.



The quaint streets and peaceful ambiance of the old capital of Fuerteventura are for honeymooners wanting to explore historically rich places while relaxing in tranquility. Couples who want to get to know about the good ol’ days of the island can enjoy romantic strolls while visiting museums and ancient churches. Don’t forget to come and see the Morro Velosa Viewpoint, which boasts striking 4-meter-tall statues of two ancient Guanche kings and miles of amazing views of the island’s landscape.

Corralejo Dunes Natural Park

Admire Isla Los Lobos from Corralejo – ©omena_kolme

Besides walking hand-in-hand across Corralejo, the endless sandy dunes is also an exciting place for a buggy ride. This activity brings an adrenaline rush while introducing you to Fuerteventura’s famous golden carpet-like landscapes. After the exhilarating adventure, couples can enjoy a picnic on the pristine beaches that border the dunes. Wait until the spectacular sunset comes for an even more memorable trip.

El Cotillo

Honeymooners of all kinds can find plenty to do in El Cotillo. There’s surfing for sporty and adventurous couples who love excitement. If you’re into more serene activities, you can go on beach strolls on the stunning white sands or try stand-up paddleboarding—It’s almost like walking on water! Romantic seaside dinners, exploring the historic El Tostón Lighthouse for jaw-dropping views, and going on a fishing trip are other fantastic options to consider.

La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro

Caldera de Taburiente National Park (La Palma)

How about romantic activities set against a backdrop of La Palma’s incredible natural beauty? The scenic trails through the park’s lush landscapes lead to waterfalls and viewpoints. That means more lovely memories and honeymoon photos together. For a more leisurely experience, a picnic beside a stream or under the shade of towering pine trees is simply dreamy. Then, once evening rolls in, the park becomes an inviting spot for stargazing, adding a touch of romance under the clear night skies.

Garajonay National Park (La Gomera)

A similar option for nature-loving honeymooners is Garajonay National Park. In its ancient laurel forests, couples can have a quiet time together strolling. There are trails for both easy walks and more adventurous (albeit challenging) hikes. No matter which you choose, you’ll surely find a viewpoint for lovely island views along the way. The park also boasts several picnic spots, so you can enjoy a cozy and tranquil break in nature.

El Sabinar (El Hierro)

A unique spot for honeymooners to visit is El Sabinar. Its famous twisted, windswept juniper trees create a dramatic, picturesque, and almost surreal scene that is far different from typical romantic settings. Add to this unbelievable vision the rugged coast nearby, which is simply spectacular during sunset, and you have just the place for getting extraordinary experiences and unbelievably beautiful pictures.

Make Your Dreamy Canarian Honeymoon a Reality

These Canary Islands’ destinations promise adventure, relaxation, and romance to possibly all types of couples. No matter if you wish for a thrilling exploration, long walks on secluded beaches, or soaking in the charm of ancient towns, your honeymoon in these islands is ideal for creating unforgettable moments of joy and love set against some of the most spectacular backdrops you’ll ever set your eyes on.

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