Electric Rides: How To Get Behind The Wheel Of An EV Today

Electric vehicles are here to stay. Many people were skeptical when the first EVs hit the roads just over a decade ago, but they have proven themselves to be just as usable and convenient as their petrol-powered cousins. You may be thinking about making an EV your next family vehicle, but where do you start to look? Here is a quick guide to getting your hands on an electric vehicle as soon as possible.

Leasing Gets You On The Road Quickly

The fastest way, simplest, and possibly the most cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is by leasing one. The costs of a new EV can be quite prohibitive. Though they will save you money on fuel and maintenance in the long term, you do have to make a significant investment when you buy one. Leasing an EV gives you the best of both worlds, you can enjoy driving an electric vehicle without having to pay the upfront costs.

Look here to find out what to know about leasing an electric car. LV ElectriX helps thousands of drivers lease EVs every year, and can even help you get a home smart EV charger so you can save even more money. If you are dipping your toes in the EV water for the first time, this is the smart way to do it. You reduce the upfront costs while still taking advantage of the day to day savings electric vehicles offer. These savings help offset the costs of leasing, making the deal even higher value.

Working Out Range

Since the early days of EVs, many people have been concerned about their potential range. The last thing anyone wants to happen is to be stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery. Fortunately, this is an incredibly rare event. You really have to try hard to fully drain an EV battery. The cars themselves help plot and plan journeys that make the stops to recharge they need. These smart cars do the thinking for you.

The very first electric vehicles had small, inefficient batteries that often only gave their drivers just 40 to 60 miles of range. Those days are over. Even the most basic electric vehicles will give their owners more than 200 miles of range from a full charge, with most topping 300 miles. This is more than enough range to handle day to day driving, and can even handle most long road trips. If you do need to go on a long drive, there are plenty of charging stations along the UK motorway network and in most towns.

Make Space For Home Charging

For the best EV experience, you should install a home charger. These allow you to recharge your electric vehicle’s battery while you sleep. With a high-speed smart charger, you should be able to top up your car completely for a fraction of the cost of a tank of petrol. You can wake up every morning to a 300-mile range, which will be more than enough to get you to work and back or to do the school run.

These home charging stations are incredibly cost-effective, and installation can be completed in a day. You do need to find the space for one. The cables are not very long, so your electric vehicle will have to be parked fairly close to it. If your home has a driveway or a garage, this should be pretty easy to do. The electricity comes directly from your home supply, and charges at a much faster rate than a standard UK plug. Most electricity suppliers offer a discounted overnight rate of electricity, with some offering EV-specific electricity rates to encourage home charging and electric vehicle ownership. These can give you a huge saving on ‘fuel’ compared to filling up a tank with petrol or diesel.

Finding The Right EV For You

The early days of electric vehicles are far behind us. Back then there were only a few EVs to choose from, but now every manufacturer has at least a small range of cars for you to look at. There are dozens and dozens of different EVs on the market, and even second-hand electric vehicles are appearing. There is plenty of choices, but this just makes choosing a little harder. The important thing is to get the big details right; range, space, and price.

If you are looking for a second family car that will mostly be used for short trips around town, then the range is less of an issue. This will help you make some savings on leasing or purchase price. If you want a car that is capable of driving up and down the country without having to make a bunch of charging stops, you will have to look at higher-end EVs with bigger ‘extended-range’ battery packs.

Joining the EV revolution is easier than ever. There is a huge range of models to choose from, and more are being added to the market all the time. Whatever you need from a car, you can find an electric vehicle to suit you.

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