Adventurous visitors and adrenaline junkies will have an easy time finding activities to keep busy with on the island of Lanzarote. Whether they are interested in exploring the island from an underwater perspective, high up in the sky or cruising on the surface – here is a full list of the best activities, one can book on their holidays.

Kitesurfing in Caleta de Famara
Kitesurfing in Caleta de Famara – ©nmessana



What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the word used to describe swimming along the surface of the water, equipped with a mask and a snorkel, as well as swim fins, also known as flippers. The mask allows for visibility underwater, while the snorkel enables one to breathe while the face is underwater. The swim fins then help propel one through the water, making it easier to swim with more speed and force.

What are the best spots for snorkeling in Lanzarote?

One of the best places to snorkel in Lanzarote is Playa Chica, at Puerto del Carmen, where the water is clear, and the underwater visibility is high. Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca also has fantastic conditions for snorkeling and is frequented by those who would like a taste of marine life. At Arrieta, there is also a beach called La Garita, which is a fantastic spot for a little snorkeling adventure.

What can you expect when you go snorkeling in Lanzarote?

Snorkeling in Lanzarote is a delight, as the marine life is thriving and colorful, with much to see. There is an abundance in fish here such as rainbow fish, zebrafish, parrotfish, while in some spots one can be lucky enough to see barracudas and angel sharks sleeping in the shallows. Sometimes, a school of sardines will pass through, as well as lobsters, crabs, and starfish.

How much is the average cost of snorkeling in Lanzarote?

The average prices for the rental of a snorkel pack in Lanzarote are about €15/day – this would include a mask, snorkel, fins and even a neoprene suit. Those who would like to rent a mask and snorkel only can expect a price tag of about €10/day. Guided snorkeling tours can also be booked, which will include a guide who will also teach the basics of snorkeling. This can cost around €45 and consists of the roundtrip transfer to the beach, as well as the full equipment.

Where can I book snorkeling online?

These are the top websites, which offer snorkeling activities in Lanzarote:

Snorkeling in Papagayo
Snorkeling in Papagayo – ©geografika


What is scuba diving?

The word SCUBA is an abbreviation for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which describes the equipment which allows one to breathe underwater when scuba diving. This includes a tank which stores compressed air, which is like the air we breathe outside – this includes parts oxygen and parts nitrogen. Scuba diving allows humans to dive to incredible depths, which wouldn’t usually be possible without this equipment.

What are the best spots for scuba diving in Lanzarote?

There are many spots in Lanzarote which are perfect for diving. Some of the most popular ones include Puerto del Carmen’s Playa Chica, which has several dive sites such as The Blue Hole, The Shrimp Cave, and The Eye. The beaches of Corralejo has a spot called Waikiki, and Playa Grande on the south-eastern part of the island has several sites as well.

The most stunning dive site in Lanzarote is the Museo Atlantico. It was created by Jason De Carnes Taylor and features underwater sculptures which create a haunting marine landscape. Locals and visitors love this underwater museum and swear it is the site of their most memorable scuba dives around the world.

What can you expect when you go scuba diving in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote has many sites which allow for drift dives, wreck dives, and boat dives – there is something for everyone here. There is a lot of marine life which can only be observed at a certain depth here – sea sponges, nudibranchs and resident groupers which lie under outcrops of rocks. The water in Lanzarote is exceptionally clear, giving divers a full view of the underwater life.

How much is the average cost of scuba diving in Lanzarote?

A basic diving certificate in Lanzarote is essentially an introduction to scuba diving, which includes a 2-hour training program with a dive of up to 12 meters deep. This usually costs around €100 on average. A PADI-certified open water dive course will take between 16 and 32 hours to complete, with a maximum dive depth of about 18 meters, costing around €420.

Specialty dive courses can cost anywhere between €90 and €250 and include anything from Nitrox Diving to Search and Recovery as well as Wreck Diving.

Where can I book scuba diving online?

These are the top websites, which offer scuba diving activities in Lanzarote:


What is a Sea Trek?

A Sea Trek, also known as underwater helmet diving, is an extraordinary experience. It is a guided underwater tour, which was created to allow non-swimmers and children above the age of 8 to enjoy the spectacular marine life in depths of 3-10 meters. A helmet is worn, which is supplied with air from tanks which are connected via a hose. Many compare the feeling of walking underwater like what we imagine a walk on the moon would feel like.

What are the best spots for a Sea Trek in Lanzarote?

The best spots for a Sea Trek also tend to be the popular snorkeling spots, as both activities are usually done at the same depth. Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen is one of the best places, as fish can be found there in abundance. Playa Blanca’s Playa Flamingo is also a popular Sea Trek location, as well as the popular Costa Teguise.

What can you expect when you go on a Sea Trek in Lanzarote?

Before going on the Sea Trek, there will be a 15-minutes safety and instructional briefing to prepare for the trek. After being equipped with all the necessary parts, guests will then be taken out to see and guided through a route lined with colorful fish and corals. Those who wear glasses or contact lenses won’t have to worry about having trouble underwater, as a Sea Trek leaves everything above the shoulders dry.

How much is the average cost of a Sea Trek in Lanzarote?

The average price for a Sea Trek adventure in Lanzarote is €60 for a 30-minute session. This price includes the full equipment, a wetsuit, and boots, as well as the guide. For a fee (usually €25) one can get photos and video on a USB stick, as for security reasons, personal cameras are not allowed during a Sea Trek.

Where can I book a Sea Trek online?

These are the top websites, which offer Sea Trek activities in Lanzarote:

The Cliff and Beach Near Caleta de Famara
Vibrant surfboards on Playa de Famara – © freeartist



What is surfing?

Surfing is a sport where a surfboard is used to ride a wave at the surface of the water. Beginner surfers tend to surf on the whitewater, as they learn how to navigate the tricky combination of paddling, standing up on the board and then maintaining balance while riding. Bodysurfing is a variation of surfing, where one uses a bodyboard for surfing waves while balancing on the upper body instead of standing on one’s feet.

What are the best spots for surfing in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is known for being a hotspot for surfers and those who are interested to learn how to surf. There are many locations around the island, where the conditions are just perfect for a day out on the surf. Famara Beach has a lovely beach break, while La Santa has a reef break, which is very popular among more advanced surfers. Orzola is another fantastic beach break spot, which is an ideal spot for both advanced and beginner surfers alike.

What can you expect when you go surfing in Lanzarote?

Beginner surfers who sign up for a surf lesson can expect to start their experiences by making sure they have the right gear, so they can safely carry out their lesson. This would include a wetsuit, a surfboard, a surfboard leash, wax and surfboard fins. Next, the instructor will walk the student through the basics of surfing, which includes how to paddle while lying on the board, up to standing up on the board.

How much is the average cost of surfing in Lanzarote?

Learning how to surf in Lanzarote costs around €35 for kids between 6-10 years old and €40 for adults, which is for a session of about 2 hours. There are also “first ride” packages, which consist of 3 x 2hours and costs around €90 for children, and €105 for adults. One can also simply rent a board, which costs €20 to €28 for the whole day, depending on the type of board. Wetsuits can also be rented at around €2 per half-day (4 hours).

Where can I book surfing online?

These are the top websites, which offer surfing activities in Lanzarote:


What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a watersport which includes being pulled across the surface using a kite and board. The kite is attached to a harness, making it easy to steer without feeling the full force in the arms. Kitesurfing doesn’t require waves, unlike surfing, as with kitesurfing, one is powered by the wind, which is harnessed through the kite.

What are the best spots for kitesurfing in Lanzarote?

There are several places in Lanzarote where the conditions are ideal for kitesurfers. Famara Beach in La Caleta is one of the most popular sites, as the wind direction here is perfect. Costa Teguise has also proven to be an ideal place to kitesurf, although the conditions are a little harder to navigate, which is why only advanced kitesurfers should come here to kite. Playa Honda and Arrieta Beach are perfect for when the wind blows to the east, while Matagorda Beach in Puerto del Carmen also has excellent conditions.

What can you expect when you go kitesurfing in Lanzarote?

Those who would like to head out to Lanzarote to kitesurf or learn how to kitesurf can expect comfortable conditions with perfect wind, and many schools are offering rentals and lessons. It is one of the best places to learn and practice in Europe, with excellent conditions almost all-year-round, which is rare for most kite spots around the world.

How much is the average cost of kitesurfing in Lanzarote?

Experienced kitesurfers will be able to rent all the gear from any of the kitesurf schools around Lanzarote. This would include a kite, harness and a board, and cost around €30 for one hour, €50 for two hours and €60 for three hours. Beginner kitesurfers who have never had a lesson before can expect lessons to cost €100 for a 3-hour experience, and €270 for a 9-hour lesson, divided over three days.

Where can I book kitesurfing online?

These are the top websites, which offer kitesurfing activities in Lanzarote:


What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a form of sailing, except that a board is used instead of a boat. A sail attached to what resembles a large surfboard is used to sail on the water’s surface, using the power of the wind. Unlike surfing, which needs waves, windsurfing relies on wind conditions rather than the waves.

What are the best spots for windsurfing in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a trendy windsurfing destination, with many watersports enthusiasts visiting each year. May to August is said to be the best months for windsurfing in Lanzarote, with the best conditions in Las Cucharas, Los Charcos, and Famara Beach. For wave riding, experienced windsurfers can head on over to Orzola and Jameos del Agua.

What can you expect when you go windsurfing in Lanzarote?

Visitors who come to Lanzarote to windsurf won’t be disappointed – it is an excellent spot, with world-class conditions. They can expect to have the right conditions to learn or practice in, regardless of their skill level. Visitors can also expect the wind conditions to be best during the summer months – which is also when the weather conditions and temperatures are at their most pleasant.

How much is the average cost of windsurfing in Lanzarote?

Prices for a windsurf lesson for kids from the ages of 8-12 years old cost around €110 for 3 x 1.5 hours, and €169 for 5 x 1.5 hours. Beginner courses for those above the age of 12 years have the same prices, while those who would like to book unlimited over 6 days can expect a price tag of about €305, which includes free use of equipment.

Intermediate courses for those who have already had a go at windsurfing are usually around €125 for 3 x 1.5 hours, €196 for 5 x 1.5 hours and €380 for unlimited lessons over 6 days, including the free use of equipment.

Where can I book windsurfing online?

These are the top websites, which offer windsurfing activities in Lanzarote:


What is paddleboarding?

Paddle-boarding, also known as Stand Up Paddle or SUP, is a water sport where one uses a board resembling a large surfboard and a paddle to propel themselves across the water’s surface. Some can do this while lying on the board, kneeling or most commonly, standing up. It is something that can be done in the sea, on a lake or on a river.

What are the best spots for paddleboarding in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is an excellent place to learn and practice addle-boarding, and there are even tours that can be joined. These tours include a guide taking a group of people on an excursion around the best SUP spots, which usually includes transport and a briefing. Charco de San Gines in Arrecife is a popular place for addle-boarding, as well as Playa Blanca, Playa las Coloradas, Playa Mujeres and the Papagayo Beaches.

What can you expect when you go paddle boarding in Lanzarote?

Paddle-boarding for a beginner is best done in calm waters, which makes Lanzarote an excellent spot for it. There are many lagoons in Lanzarote with calm water, often sheltered from more substantial currents and strong winds. The island is also exceptionally scenic, which makes for a fantastic backdrop to anyone’s SUP experience.

How much is the average cost of paddleboarding in Lanzarote?

Those who would like to go on a paddle-boarding adventure can take an initiation course, which takes 2 hours to complete where theory and practical formation is discussed and practiced. This initiation course costs around €60 and is completed in one day, while a 3-day course of 6 hours costs around €150.

Where can I book paddle boarding online?

These are the top websites, which offer paddle-boarding activities in Lanzarote:


What is sea kayaking?

There are two different types of kayaking, white water kayaking, and sea kayaking. Sea kayakers can be found on flat water lakes or crossing the ocean from island to island. When sea kayaking, one usually does much more paddling than you would when kayaking white water, as the only thing pushing the kayak forward, is the force coming from the paddling.

What are the best spots for sea kayaking in Lanzarote?

There are several sea kayaking centers offering courses all over Lanzarote, with Playa Blanca being one of the most popular. Guided trips are carried in many places, including the northern Chinijo Archipelago, and Costa de Papagayo and Playa Flamingo in the south. There are also sea kayak tours around Arrecife, with a tour of the bridges, reefs, lagoons, beaches, and castles.

What can you expect when you go sea kayaking in Lanzarote?

When sea kayaking in Lanzarote, visitors can expect to take in spectacular views, of both crystal clear waters and rocky volcanic cliffs. Sea kayaking can be quite a bit of exercise at the same time, making it a fun and healthy sport to take up at the same time.

How much is the average cost of sea kayaking in Lanzarote?

Those who would like to rent a single-seater kayak for the day can expect a price of around €40 per day, while a two-seater sea kayak will cost around €50 per day. Guided half-day trips via sea kayak cost around €60/person, while a full-day journey will set you back around €100/person.

Where can I book sea kayaking online?

These are the top websites, which offer sea kayaking activities in Lanzarote:

Kitesurfing in Playa de Famara
Playa de Famara is a paradise for different kinds of surfing – ©profile_nmessana



What is a jet ski?

A jet ski is a personal watercraft (PWC), a high-speed vehicle used to propel someone across the surface of the water. This vehicle can be driven by one person, but can also transport an additional passenger, similar to a motorbike.

What are the best spots for jet skiing in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a great place to go jetskiing, as there are many lagoons and open water spots where it is perfect for exploration on a jet ski. Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen are the towns with the most facilities, and some of the busiest jet ski scenes in Lanzarote.

What can you expect when you go jet skiing in Lanzarote?

One has the option to either book a jet ski rental or sign up for a jet ski safari. There is a 20-minute introductory trip, which teaches the basics of driving a jet ski, or a 2-hour discovery course. A jet ski safari is a 2-hour session, discovering famous beaches, hidden coves, and lagoons while practicing driving the jet ski.

How much is the average cost of jet skiing in Lanzarote?

A 20-minute session for one person on the jet ski will cost around €50 in Lanzarote, while a 20-minute session for two people will cost around €60. Those who would like to book a 2-hour jet ski safari can expect a price of around €200 for one person and €250 for two people.

Where can I book jet-skiing online?

These are the top websites, which offer jet ski activities in Lanzarote:


What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a sport that has its origins in water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. In wakeboarding, the rider is attached to a board, and a boat or a jetski is used to tow the person on the board. In doing this, the rider can use glider over the surface, with more experienced wakeboarder being able to perform tricks behind the boat or jet ski.

What are the best spots for wakeboarding in Lanzarote?

The south of Lanzarote is known as a mecca for those who love to wakeboard. The beaches of Playa Blanca are some of the most popular waters for practicing the sport of wakeboarding. Playa Dorada is another wakeboarding spot, due to its calm water and lovely scenery.

What can you expect when you go wakeboarding in Lanzarote?

Many lagoons are protected from wind and waves in Lanzarote, and this is where the wakeboarding conditions are most ideal. Those who choose to wakeboard here can expect to see beautiful blue waters and stunning landscapes as backdrops, while they are wakeboarding.

How much is the average cost of wakeboarding in Lanzarote?

A 30-minute session of wakeboarding starts at €70, while a 60-minute session starts at the price of about €85, depending on the season and the equipment involved.

Where can I book wakeboarding online?

These are the top websites, which offer wakeboarding activities in Lanzarote:


What is a boat tour?

A boat tour is a short trip which usually includes a small boat, with which the guests are taken to see and experience beautiful spots around the island. Some of these boat trips last half a day, a full day or several days, depending on what sites one is touring.

What are the best spots for a boat tour in Lanzarote?

The Papagayo area of Lanzarote has some of the most breathtaking beaches on the island. It is an excellent place for a boat excursion, as the road access isn’t easy to navigate because they are mostly dirt tracks, which is why a boat trip here is most ideal. La Graciosa is another excellent destination for a boat trip, while those who would like to go dolphin-spotting can also hop on a boat and venture towards the areas where dolphins are spotted, which changes from season to season.

What can you expect when you go on a boat tour in Lanzarote?

Those who take a boat trip in Lanzarote can expect spectacular views of the ocean, as well as the volcanic rock formations and mountains. These boat trips offer a unique perspective of the already stunning island, which should be experienced by all visitors of Lanzarote.

How much is the average cost of a boat tour in Lanzarote?

There are several types of boat tours and cruises available to visitors of Lanzarote, some of which are only an hour and a half long, such as a dolphin mini cruise, while others can last for a day or two. On average, the price for a one-hour cruise is around €40 and goes up depending on the destination and the type of boat trip one would like to book.

Where can I book a boat tour online?

These are the top websites, which offer wakeboarding activities in Lanzarote:


What is water paragliding?

Water paragliding, also known as parascending, parasailing or parakiting, is a water activity where a person, or two persons, are towed behind a boat, while attached to a canopy wing resembling a parachute. It offers a unique perspective of the water and is a fun activity which the whole family can take part in.

What are the best spots for water paragliding in Lanzarote?

Water paragliding requires very little wind, so it is safest when conducted in still lagoons and on beaches that are protected from the Atlantic winds. In southern Lanzarote, one can try water paragliding in Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca, while Costa Teguise on the eastern coast also has several operators who offer this activity.

What can you expect when you go on water paragliding in Lanzarote?

Visitors who choose to try water paragliding in Lanzarote can expect to be lifted into the air, and then being able to take in the full view over the spectacular beaches of the Canaries. The sail will usually take them up to 50 meters above the water, but have the option of going up to 400 meters if they are brave enough. This ride usually takes around 10 minutes – plenty of time to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins.

How much is the average cost of a water paragliding in Lanzarote?

The average cost for water paragliding in Lanzarote for a 10-minute flight is around €50 for one person, and €90 for two people.

Where can I book a water paragliding online?

These are the top websites, which offer water paragliding activities in Lanzarote: