If you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, look no further than Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park in Puerto Del Carmen. This animal and water park is the perfect destination for a day of excitement and adventure. You’ll find a diverse range of animals here, from tigers to dolphins, as well as a huge water park with slides and pools for the kids (and adults!) to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Pack your swimsuits and head on over to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park!

Background Info

In 1731, Canarian emigrants, 43 of which were from Lanzarote, established the city of San Antonio, Texas. The Battle of Alamo saw people from many different nations, including the Canary Islands, engage in armed conflict. Together with Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, they fought and died in the historic battle. At Rancho Texas Park, Lanzarote, the timeless classic of the old wild west is recaptured with all of the adventure and excitement. It also pays tribute to the Lanzarote people who founded San Antonio, Texas.

Why Go to Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park offers a fun day for the entire family. When you first arrive, you’ll feel as though you’ve arrived in the Wild Wild West. The attraction has a vibrant Wild West show featuring a cowboy displaying his prowess in lasso tricks. You’ll discover beautifully ornamented wood and stone homes, as well as a gold mine. An Indian reserve may also catch you by surprise.

This must-visit attraction is the best interactive animal park on the island. The place impresses with its size, immaculate condition, and variety of exotic animals in its care, which include white tigers, raccoons, snakes, bison, birds, armadillo, cougars, and deers, among others. Guests will have animal encounters in recreated habitats and settings appropriate to their natural environments. You can even watch the shows that feature some of them. Among the park’s facilities are water attractions, safe swimming pools, and relaxing outdoor spaces.

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park - Splash Zone
Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park – Splash Zone © Resort Hotel

Animal Residents

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park has grown into a full-fledged zoo, becoming a thriving home to a wide variety of animal species and a profusion of plant life. The famous residents include the white tigers, cougars, dwarf donkeys, dolphins, ever-curious penguins, impressive Komodo dragons, chameleons, tortoises, slippery pythons, and crocodiles, as well as an intriguing feathered community of caracaras, carabos, parrots, vultures, owls, falcons, and eagles.

Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show is the most popular attraction at the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park. It’s an informative presentation that shows how incredibly talented and entertaining these dolphins are. The staff is committed to educating visitors about dolphins, and they do a fantastic job of it, too. Born in captivity and living in a lovely enclosure built especially for them, the park is home to four bottle-nose dolphins who arrived in 2016 from Duisburg and Nuremberg, Germany.

Dolphin Interaction

Diego, Darwin, Kai, and Noah are the four dolphins at Rancho Texas, and getting close and personal with them is an unforgettable experience. While swimming with the dolphins is not part of the program, you will become a trainer for the day–learning then instructing tricks, feeding, and getting to know them better. The trainers will be on duty to guarantee that this rare marine life encounter is more than simply incredible.

The opportunity to swim with dolphins can only be obtained by booking in advance. There are very few spots, so make a reservation on this page ahead of time if you want to participate. The ticket includes pick-up if required, entrance for the whole day into the park, and dolphin interaction. An adult must accompany all eight-year-old or younger children during the encounter.

Sea Lion Show

The Sea Lion Show is another popular attraction in Rancho Texas. Brutus and his pals put on a hilarious show for you, which is a joy to watch. They’re social, fun-loving creatures who love interacting with people. You can watch them enjoy being in front of a camera and may get your photo taken with them.

Sea Lion Show
Sea Lion Show – © Resort Hotel

Sea Lion Experience

The swim with sea lions experience is a must-do if you want to get in the water and swim with some of Rancho Texas’ famous residents. Here, you’ll get to learn with the trainers firsthand and rub elbows (or flippers) with Brutus and the family while they swim alongside you. You’ll be transported into this magnificent aquatic world, as well as have an opportunity to stroke and play with them. This activity, like the previous, must be booked ahead of time because there are strict limits on how many people can participate.

Parrot Show

The Rancho Texas parrots were among the first to arrive when it opened, and they’ve witnessed all of the improvements over the years. For decades, they’ve been entertaining park guests with their amusing and interactive performance, which now also includes other feathered friends like cockatoos and macaws. These clever birds will amuse and leave you in awe with their tricks and abilities. They’ll also come around for Insta-worthy shots on your shoulder or arm. This, together with all the Rancho texas shows, is included in the ticket cost.

Birds of Prey Show

The Birds of Prey Show is another popular attraction in Rancho Texas Park. Here, visitors will witness predators in a remarkable outdoor presentation. As the professional handlers educate about these awe-inspiring birds, they will fly overhead and glide into the crowd at a very close distance, enchanting everyone with their natural yet intimidating presence. This is an excellent chance to observe commanding eagles, incredibly swift falcons, menacing vultures, and even a domineering condor (the world’s largest flying bird), all up close.

Splash Zone

Make a point of experiencing the Splash Zone water park during your visit to Rancho Texas. It’s ideal after touring the zoo and seeing the shows. The large pool area with a giant splash bucket that fills up and splashes anyone who stands beneath is perfect for cooling off. Two twisting slides, one 100 meters long and the other 82 meters, cascade down from a well-designed slope of lava, plants, and rocks. The beautiful panoramic views of the pool and water game area will get you wanting to return again and again. You’ll also find the Indian lagoon, where visitors can experience canoeing just like American Indians, as well as trees and umbrellas for respite from the Lanzarote sun.

If you wish to take a dip, bring clothes to change in. There are showers and changing rooms. Guests can also rent a locker for a couple of Euros, so they don’t have to carry their stuff around.

Video Interaction And Education Zone

Another great reason to visit the park, this latest addition to the already amazing Rancho Texas educates visitors while transporting them to another dimension. It’s a state-of-the-art attraction built in a cave under the dolphin enclosure. All expertly and artfully designed, you’ll find giant tanks and an interactive sound and video installation. Guests can also press buttons, walk through holographic lights, go into volcanoes, and get to know planet earth better without stepping foot outside the park.

Country Night

Rancho Texas is the place for a full day out. On Tuesday and Friday nights, as well as Saturday nights from June 30 to September 15, the park becomes a destination for partying in country and western style. Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed by cowboys (and girls) and Indians. You’ll ride a horse-drawn cart to the venue, where you’ll enjoy a lovely buffet barbecue with beer, sangria, and soda, be entertained by live music, and try line dancing. Throughout the night up to 11:00 pm, a cowboy parade, lasso exhibition, and cabaret show will also be presented. Those coming with their kids won’t have to worry about missing out on the fun as the little ones will be having a party of their own as they go on a pony ride with the cowgirls.

Penguin Enclosure

Another new attraction in Rancho Texas, the penguin enclosure features Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti), one of the 17 existing penguin species. These marine birds cannot fly, but they are excellent swimmers that can reach speeds up to 20 km per hour. They are also highly sociable and love feeding on small fishes.

If you’re wondering how penguins can survive under the warm Lanzarote sun, Humboldt penguins are originally from the coasts of Peru, Chile, and the islands off western South America. This allows them to live and breed in arid to hot and humid places. Most penguin species live in warm regions, except for three that live in cold climates.

Other Attractions

There are small attractions around Rancho Texas, such as pony rides and zip lines. Visitors can also search for gold nuggets in the mine, then exchange their self-found treasures for a free gift at the park gift shop.

Hours of Operation And Show Schedules

Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park opens from 9:30 am up to 5:30 pm every day the entire year. This includes holidays, Christmas and New Years’ day.

The Rancho Texas shows are at different times, allowing visitors to see all of them and get the most of their day out at the park. Please check out the show schedules below. Note that showtimes are subject to change. You may refer to their website’s exhibitions times page or in-park signage for updated information.

Dolphin Environmental Presentation

11:30 am and 1:45 pm

Parrot Show

11:00 am, – 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm (June to September)

10:45 am, 1:30 pm,4:00 pm (September to June)

Bird of Prey Show

11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm (June to September)

1:00 pm and 3:00 pm (September to June)

Sea Lion Show

12:30 pm and2:00 pm

Entrance Fee And What’s Included

The Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park entrance ticket is excellent value for money for a full day of excitement with the entire family. You get a free bus pick-up from Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, and Matagorda

 with your tickets. All of the shows–sea lion show, parrot show, birds of prey show, and the dolphin show–are also included.

Ticket PricesCanary Island ResidentsNon-Resident
Children (3-12 years)€14€22
Park Ticket + Sea Lion Interaction
Children (7-12 years / Each child must be accompanied by one paying adult)€64€72
Park Ticket + Dolphin Interaction
Children (8-12 years / Each child must be accompanied by one paying adult)€114€122
Country Night  
Children (3-12 years)€16.50€22
Bus FeePark (Daytime Visit)Country Night
Costa TeguiseFree7€/pp
Playa BlancaFree7€/pp
Puerto del Carmen & MatagordaFreeNot Available

How to Get There

Rancho Texas is located in Alcalde Cabrera Torres Street (Noruega Street extension), s/n. Puerto del Carmen. Many visitors use the free bus service or taxi. If you prefer to drive, the park is pretty straightforward to find.

Here are driving instructions from some of Lanzarote’s popular spots:

Costa Teguise

-Take Av. de las Islas Canarias and C. de los Dragos to Av. de las Palmeras/LZ-18.

-Continue on Av. de las Palmeras/LZ-18.

-Take Carr. Circunvalación/LZ-3, LZ-2 and LZ-40 to C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres. Take the exit toward Puerto del Carmen/Playas from LZ-40.

-At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres

Playa Blanca

-Follow Av. Faro Pechiguera to LZ-2

-Follow LZ-2 to Carr. Puerto Calero

-Follow Carr. Puerto Calero, Cam. del Pozo and LZ-40 to C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres

Puerto del Carmen

-Drive along C. Juan Carlos I and Carr. de las Playas/LZ-40. Take the exit toward Puerto del Carmen/Playas/Cambio de Sentido from Carr. de las Playas/LZ-40

-Drive to C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres

Playa de Matagorda

-Drive along C. Mástil

-Take LZ-2 and LZ-40 to C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres. Take the exit toward Puerto del Carmen/Playas from LZ-40

-At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto C. Alcalde Cabrera Torres


Where to Eat?

There are two main restaurants at the park—one in the splash zone and the otherin the venue for the bird and big night shows. Both have a great menu with reasonably priced food that suits everyone. There are several vending machines spread all over the park for drinks and ice creams as well. Note that bringing food from outside the park is not allowed.

Is The Park Disabled-Friendly?

Rancho Texas is accessible for people with disabilities. The park provides wheelchairs for visitors with limited mobility free of cost. Simply go to the souvenir shop and fill out a utility form.

How Safe Is Rancho Texas?

Safety is always the priority of Rancho Texas, especially since the Covid 19 pandemic started. The park has two First Aid medical kits—one in the Splash Zone and the other in the restaurant. Sanitizing stations are also available throughout the ground. In case of anyemergencies, please go to thesespots or inform the staff members so that they may provide assistance.

Are There Lockers?

Rancho Texas offers lockers. Visitors need only leave a refundable deposit to get the key.

An Extraordinary Experience in Rancho Texas

The whole family will enjoy an extraordinary experience in Rancho Texas, a setting inspired by San Antonio, Texas. There’s nothing like it in Lanzarote or the Canary islands. It features animals from all around the world, including Komodo dragons, armadillos, penguins, and more! You can also watch different animal shows, frolic with the sea lions or dolphins, then take a break from the action and unwind under an umbrella as kids play in the splash zone.

There’s never been a better time to make memorieswith family and friends at Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park!