Located on the south coast of Lanzarote, Marina Rubicon is the bustling, modern harbor of Playa Blanca. It has been welcoming boaters since 2003 and is considered one of the best yachting destinations on the island, particularly because of the extensive boat services it offers. The port also has stunning ocean views and is surrounded by a large selection of tourism-relatedestablishments. Here, vacationers can go shopping, partake in various water sports and activities, and explore the local gastronomic scene with a breathtaking seascape all day.

Why Visit Marina Rubicón

Marina Rubicón is a vibrant harbor village abundant in tourism-based services and establishments, such as boutiques, restaurants, a diving center, a yachting school, and a swimming pool. Its luxe offerings and beautiful views naturally attract many visitors, but the seafront townlet generally remains quieter and more relaxed than other tourist resorts.

More than a typical port, Marina Rubicón has an upscale, family-friendly atmosphere that exudes exclusivity. Discover the charm and allure of this picturesque harbor village with these activities:

Berth On The Harbor

Marina Rubicón is a sailing community that serves as a meeting point for international and local nautical enthusiasts. Protected from strong trade winds by jetties, its calm waters, with a depth of 4.5 meters at low tide, can cater to all sizes of boats and yachts. The full-service harbor has all the necessary facilities to keep you and your sea vessel well taken care of. This includes 550 finger berths, electricity and water pedestals, internet access, showers and changing rooms, and a boatyard offering professional repair and maintenance work, amongst many others.

Enjoy Water Activities And Sports

A must-visit even for the boat-less, Marina Rubicón is a popular family destination. Guests can relax by the adult and kiddie swimming pool or sweat it out on the paddle and tennis courts. The incredibly rich and clear waters surrounding the harbor town are also perfect for indulging in various water activities and sports. From high-speed boat adventures and paracrafting to more relaxed recreations like kayaking, sailing, diving, and fishing, vacationers of all ages, interests, and skill levels will find something they can enjoy here.

Moreover, there are tour and excursion companies based in Marina Rubicón. These guided outings offer opportunities to explore the inviting waterways, picturesque landscapes, and marine wildlife of Lanzarote, northern Fuerteventura, and the nature reserves of Isla de Lobos and La Graciosa. Holidaymakers can set sail for these destinations via F40 Lanzarote and Lanzarote Yacht Charter, the most trusted operators in the area.

After spending hours on the water, continue the fun on dry land with the authentic Canary sunset as a backdrop.

Shop at the Village and the Marina Rubicón Market

Marina Rubicón is a magical place for shopaholics. Surrounding its moorings are designer boutiques and shops, allowing vacationers to keep up with the hottest fashion trends even while on an island holiday. Apart from clothes, jewelry, shoes, and perfumes, you can also purchase nautical items and exclusive souvenirs made of volcanic rock here.

This is also home to the famous Marina Rubicón Market, also known as Playa Blanca Market. Held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this is an excellent place for finding handmade goods and pocket money treats to bring home. Here, there’s a good range of stalls that suit various tastes and very few sell the same things, not to mention the sea and the most expensive yachts in Lanzarote serve as a backdrop while vacationers shop.

Rubicon Marina Market
Rubicon Marina Market – © Philip Scott

While Marina Rubicón Market retains the lively yet plush atmosphere of the village, plenty of reasonably priced items can be purchased. Even nicer, many stores showcase offerings that show the distinct artistic style of the island–from Lanzarote wines to handpainted trinkets and engraved leathers.

Stroll Around the Harbor Village

Marina Rubicón is perfect for relaxing strolls. While taking a walk around the harbor and its village, relish the fantastic views of the sea and docked vessels. Also take time to appreciate what’s not there–distracting billboard ads, tall hotels, wild party scenes, and all-night karaoke. In addition, the entire area is the epitome of architectural design that blends beautifully with nature and is distinctly Lanzarote. It is evident in the style of the shops, alleyways, footpaths, bridges, and simple but well-manicured gardens.

Dining Options

Who can resist a lovely meal by a terrace as the sun sinks into the waters? In Marina Rubicon, there’s a superb selection of dining options serving local or international cuisine. Many of these restaurants offer fantastic fresh seafood as their star dish, but guests will also find other choices that make great burgers, pizza, pasta, and steak, with excellent drinks alongside.

La Casa Roja

When you findyour appetite roaring for Spanish-Canarian cuisine while in Marina Rubicón, La Casa Roja is the best place to go. As its name’s English translation suggests, this establishment is rebellious enough to don a bright red paint in one of its exterior walls, standing out in a vast sea of whites. It’s hard to miss this harbor-front restaurant if you’re walking or driving along Avenida Maritima.

La Casa Roja delivers dishes with incredibly rich and dense flavors, not to mention each one seems to go well with the other options in their small, three-course menu. They serve an amuse-bouche as soon as you are seated, creating a lovely first impression even before ordering anything. Ahead, we recommend starting with the grilled squeed and moving on to steak with foie gras and truffle sauce for mains. As for dessert, the cheese ice cream with mushroom jam gives a sweet ending to a wonderful meal.

Trattoria il Commendatore

Fresh, flavorful, and simple, the Italian classics of Trattoria il Commendatore are felicità with every bite. The restaurant uses unpretentious, high-quality ingredients and sticks to time-honored recipes to bring magic in your mouth—no adding a touch of creativity or putting a personal twist.

In the delicious gastronomic world of Trattoria il Commendatore, deciding what to choose from the extensive menu can be challenging. Most of the dishes are great, but not all are created equal, and some are more worthy of a place on your plate than others. The rock stars you must not miss are carpaccio (prawns or beef) and antipasto as a starter, along with Quattro Formaggi pizza, calzone, seafood risotto, and creamy salmon tagliatelle for mains. Also wash down with a glass of Bermejo Malvasia Volcánica Seco or a slice of tiramisu.

Cafe Terraza

Some vacationers like to relax in coffee shops, while others spend way too many hours in bars. Whether you’re the former or the latter, I’m happy to say there’s a place in Marina Rubicón for both.

Cafe Terraza is a great bar for watching the world go by with a drink in hand and a nearly empty plate of cake on the table. Oh, the irresistible things they offer in this beautiful place! Colorful cocktails and smoothies. Ice cold beers. Crisp wines. Power-packing spirits. Caffeine-loaded tea and coffee.

All freshly baked and homemade, the pastries are also too pretty and yummy to pass. The regulars in their list of today’s cakes are chocolate cake, lemon Cheesecake, Bakewelltart, apricot tart, apple crumble pie, carrot cake, and Victoria sponge. If you happen to pass by Cafe Terraza, you’ll quickly notice that the cake game here is so strong that almost all tables one. Not a sweet tooth? Order a charcuterie board of cold meats served with cheese, bread, and olives instead.

How to Reach Marina Rubicón

Marina Rubicón is reachable by car or tax via LZ-2 and LZ-702. It is also accessible by public transport but only through Playa Blanca bus station, where you can ride bus 30 to reach the harbor village. Take bus 161 if you’re coming from Arrecife Airport, buses 161 or 6 from Puerto del Carmen, buses 3, 1, or 25 from Costa Teguise to Arrecife bus station, where they have to transfer to bus 60 to reach Playa Blanca.

Tourists in Fuerteventura can also sail to Marina Rubicón. There’s a regular ferry line directly connecting Corralejo to Playa Blanca, as well as guided tours and excursions to the port town. The journey often takes around 50 minutes.

The Stylish, Upmarket Marina Rubicón

Marina Rubicón is an excellent spot for tourism and leisure pastimes. Surrounded by crystal clear waters,it’s a seaside village specked with white buildings, fishing boats, and yachts. Maritime enthusiasts and travelers who enjoy water activities and sports will have plenty of options here, so do foodies, shopaholics, and those looking to enjoy a slow, relaxing day.