Spread on the east coast of Lanzarote, Playa Las Cucharas is within the tourist town of Costa Teguise. The 640-meter long expanse of fine gold sand houses three bays with perfectly blue, crystalline waters. It has enough space for sun-worshippers, families, and wind-riders looking for an exhilarating time, as well as the amenities to keep them comfortable and entertained. Being the longest in the area, this paradise maintains a relaxing atmosphere that never feels crowded, even when there are many people during high seasons.

Las Cucharas beach is a great place for unwinding without going off the grid and losing access to modern conveniences. At the same time, it’s also where windsurfers can come to catch optimal wave and wind conditions.

Why Visit Las Cucharas Beach

Las Cucharasis a well-developed beach with easy and quick access to paved parking, restrooms, and showers. Its three bays are separated by breakwaters and the swimming area by demarcation buoys. Right behind it is Avenida Arenas Blancas, a palm tree-lined promenade with commercial establishments on both ends.

Such layout is nothing out of the ordinary, but Playa Las Cucharas is a paradise of many faces. It offers various activities and, therefore, attracts different types of beachgoers. From families to muscle heads, shell collectors to thrill-seekers, the beach has everything a modern resort should have to keep vacationers comfortable and occupied.

A Complete and Well-Maintained Beach

Of all the playas in Costa Teguise, Las Cucharas has the best amenities, services, and tourism-related establishments, such as apartments, hotels, and spas. It has gardens and a promenade, which connects all the beaches in the tourist town. This esplanade is perfect for a relaxing stroll while taking in breathtaking sea views. Vacationers will also find bikes for hire and exercise machines along the walkway, not to mention a large selection of bars, cafes, and restaurants for tasting Lanzarote’s gastronomy.

Moreover, Playa Las Cucharas is the only Blue Flag-certified beach in Teguise. Its waters are unbelievably clean, so is the surrounding area, which is meticulously maintained by resort staff. The beach has plenty of rental sunbeds on both its northern and southern tip, allowing you to relax while working on your tan or people-watching.

It’s a Watersports Mecca

If you wish to experience the high of riding the waves with the wind as your engine, then Las Cucharas is the destination for you. Many windsurfing enthusiasts spend a large part of the year on this beach as its conditions are consistently ideal and suitable for all levels. Plus, it houses several windsurf equipment rentals, shops, and schools, with business peaking between November and late March when the best waves typically come in.

Las Cucharas is truly one of the meccas of windsurfing in the Canary Islands, where both fledglings and the most radical gather. Apart from this sport, the beach is also frequented for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kite-surfing, diving, and biking.

There’s Something for Everyone

Playa Las Cucharas welcomes the most significant number of visitors in Costa Teguise and is designed to accommodate various types of beachgoers. Besides being a natural habitat for watersports, its lovely sand is a great playground for families with children, the promenade keeps strollers fascinated, its year-round sun gives a perfect tan, and the famed restaurants within the resort delight foodies of all ages. Additionally, the beach is lifeguarded and easily accessible to holidaymakers with reduced mobility.

Both ends of Las Cucharas are ideal for swimming, paddling, and snorkeling. The southern tip’s swimming area is large enough and buoyed off to keep watercrafts away. On the other hand, the northern section, which faces south, has two breakwaters that separate it from the rest of the beach and Baja Delos Charcos on its left.

The ripraps shelter the shore and the swimming areas from strong waves and wind. Still, always stay vigilant, especially when bathing with kids, as the sea goes deep and can get choppy quite fast. Also be on the lookout for windsurfers who are often moving at high speeds.

Tourists are not the only ones drawn to Las Cucharas. Its rock pools are frequented by various wading birds, making the beach an excellent destination for bird-watchers and wildlife photographers. Vacationers can also go fishing along the breakwaters or just enjoy watching the windsurfers whizz up and down the shimmering sea.

Dining Options

Whether it’s your first time in La Cucharas or a frequent visitor, I hope my shortlist of top dining options comes in handy. There are plenty of lovely places to eat in this area, and I’ve detailed the best spots that best represent this magnificent beach and Costa Teguise.

El Maestro

If you’re only going to dine in one spot with a Spanish-Canarian menu, make it El Maestro. It’s more expensive than others around, yet locals flock here and recommend it to vacationers, which is always a great sign. Plus, the restaurant has a large terrace with breathtaking views of the ocean, a clean, relaxed interior, and dishes looking like works of art. It makes you want to stay longer within the premise and order more.

In El Maestro, guests are treated with great hospitality right on arrival. They are typically offered a complimentary glass of fizzy rose wine and appetizers as soon as they are comfortably seated. If you’re a first-timer, we recommend not missing out on their selection of tapas starters, as well as their massive steak with vegetable sides, fresh seafood paella, and fall off the bone rack of ribs for entrée. They also have mouthwatering international offerings, ranging from burgers, wok dishes, kebabs, pizza, pasta, and many others.

Moreover, the selection of local wines and other beverages in El Maestro is excellent. I particularly loved the El Grifo white wine for dinner, but a cup of morning coffee while sitting outside was simply sublime.

Fuel Stop

Burgers will always hold a special place in our hearts, and no matter how many new varieties appear, the world can never have too many. In Las Cucharas, Fuel Stop is among the few burger restaurants that offer a worthwhile culinary experience. The fact that so many people, both locals and vacationers, are coming to get a reservation and was at capacity way past noon demonstrates just how popular this place is.

Fuel Stop is located at the southern tip of the beach, so the views are stunning and perfect for enjoying with family and friends. Its specialty burgers are Jack Daniels No7, zinger spicy chicken, and hangover burger. A guest favorite, the first one is prepared with Jack Daniels whiskey BBQ sauce, bacon, and onion rings. It is served with chips and salad and pairs perfectly mai-tai.

If this match isn’t for you, feel free to choose from the restaurant’s impressively wide selection of beverages, which includes cocktails, frozen daiquiris, smoothies, wine, and beer, among others. The other offerings in its easy-to-love menu that will make you visit a few more times are the chicken wrap, Mexican fajita, Jack XXL mixed grill, and fresh Argentine sirloin steak.

Namaste India

If you’ve already been around the Canary Islands, you’d know that the archipelago demonstrates brilliance when it comes to Indian gastronomy. In your stay at La Cucharas, you need not search far from the beach to find an excellent dining option that serves value for money Indian cuisine.

Namaste India is the sister company of Corner restaurant, the most popular Indian option in the entire Costa Teguise. Located on opposite ends of Playa de Las Cucharas, both ensure an impressive standard of food, but we were much delighted with Namaste’s service and offerings. They have a diversified menu of specialties from starter to dessert.

I went for the set menu—papadum with a variety of dips, chicken pakora for starter, and chicken madras and pillowy naan for mains. We also added a la carte onion bhajis, aloo gobi, and tikka masala to share. All were top-notch, fresh, and piping hot, but the creamy tikka stood out. Overall, our lunch here is one of the best Indian meals I’ve had abroad.

How to Reach Las Cucharas Beach

La Cucharas is quite near Lanzarote Airport, also known as César Manrique-Lanzarote Airport. Holidaymakers taking a taxi or driving a car for hire can reach the beach in 16 minutes via LZ-2, LZ-3, then LZ-18, or Avenida de las Palmeras. Those who prefer to go by public transport will have to stay on the road for almost an hour. From the airport, take bus line 22 to Playa Honda in Las Palmas, then ride bus line 3 or 25 to Pueblo Marinero in Costa Teguise, which is only a few minutes walk away to Las Cucharas beach.

A Beach Teeming with Life

Playa Las Cucharas is a self-contained seaside paradise offering a wide range of accommodations, dining options, and leisure activities. Its strong waves and trade winds are ideal for windsurfers, whereas the sheltered sections of the bay are great for swimming and snorkeling. Additional recreations popular in this resort include standup paddle-boarding (SUP), surfing, boogie boarding, wave kayaking, and biking. Vacationers can also just relax and take a lovely stroll along the oceanfront promenade, which connects all the main Costa Teguise beaches.