The northeastern most and fourth-largest island in the Canaries, Lanzarote is almost like an artistic creation by Mother Nature. Its other worldly volcanic landscapes show cased in Timanfaya National Park and Cueva de Los Verde, along with its divine beaches, like Playa de Famara, Playa de Papagayo, Playa Chica, and Playa Flamingo, are top attractions in the island. If you prefer escaping the more well-known destinations for some hidden gems on your next holiday, one of the isle’s best-kept secrets you have to discover is Caleton Blanco beach.

Playa del Caleton Blanco is tucked away in the coastline of the municipality of Haria up north, just beside the small fishing village of Órzola. It’s a cove of volcanic lava with perfect white sand and natural pools with crystal clear blue-green waters. Definitely a place explorers at heart can call a great find.

Why Visit Caleton Blanco Beach

Caleton Blanco is a string of small, very similar beaches, with the largest and most popular one bearing the same name. Its black cliffs of hardened lava contrast the bright white sand and opalescent turquoise sea, creating dramatic scenery that only untouched nature can make. The entire stretch is ideal for taking a breather from the relentless pace of everyday life without splashing out on luxuries.

Apart from providing one of the most relaxing panoramas imaginable, Caleton Blanco beach is an excellent place for families with young kids. Its streams of solidified molten rocks form several shallow pools that separate the bay from the open ocean and protect it from strong Atlantic waves. When the sea reclaims the rugged coves at high tides, it becomes most stunning and the pools more suitable for bathing and wading.

You can enjoy moments of solitude in these lagoons or go further out to swim or snorkel in clear seawater depths. On windy days, there are small circular rock shelters where holidaymakers can work their tan in. In addition, you can watch the tides change and admire the awe-inspiring views of La Graciosa and the Chinijo Archipelago in the distance.

Playa del Salado La Graciosa
One of the many beaches in Isla La Graciosa – © simonaflamigni

Traveler Tips

Unlike highly commercialized tourist towns and beaches, Playa del Caleton Blanco has nothing but its untouched beauty. It is more than worth the drive, but before you hit the gas and head up north, here are some tips that will help you maximize comfort and fun during your visit:

  • Because Caleton Blanco is located in the greener north, a less-traveled part of Lanzarote, the bus service operates in a limited and strict timetable. Driving is a much better option, especially if you wish to go around the area.
  • There are trash bins but no toilet facilities here. If possible, do your business in your lodging or elsewhere before heading to this beach.
  • Families with kids frequent Caleton Blanco, but nudists love this place, too. Don’t worry about bringing children, though, because it retains a non-sexual, family-friendly atmosphere, and holidaymakers tend to give each other ample space.
  • There is no lifeguard in Caleton Blanco, so make sure to keep children supervised at all times.
  • Bring a comfortable item to sit or sunbathe on, like a beach towel, portable chair, or perhaps a folding recliner. Whatever it is that will give a comfy and relaxing base as you soak in the sun.
  • Don’t forget to protect your skin from the harmful UVA / UVB rays of the sun. Caleton Blanco can be quite windy, making beachgoers feel cooler. However, a cool or cloudy day can have the same UV levels as a warm, sunny day.
  • Wear water shoes or sandals to protect your feet from the hot sand, a sharp rock, or a broken shell that can spoil an otherwise fun holiday.
  • The best time to visit Caleton Blanco is in the early morning. It provides the best views and a wide selection of places to spread a towel or put a sunbed.
  • Use a small and wearable waterproof case to protect your valuables, like money, keys, and mobile phone, from being damaged or stolen.
  • Bring a mobile phone and make sure its battery is charged at all times. Emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time, even when you’re having the best time of your life in Caleton Blanco.
  • There is no shop, cafe, or restaurant on this beach. Bring your own food, snacks, and drinks, or be ready to drive to the nearest village when you get hungry.
  • Don’t litter, and pick garbages you might find to keep this paradise in pristine condition.
  • Plan ahead to make the most out of your day in the area. After visiting Caleton Blanco, you can also explore Caleta Del Mojón Blanco for more sand, head to Playa De Orzola for its exceptional sunset, and end the day with a mouthwatering dinner in Orzola.

Dining Options

Caleton Blanco and the areas nearby are not that touristy, but it’s a great place to go for lovely classic Spanish-Canarian food made from fresh local ingredients. The restaurants here blend tradition and flavors, the basis of the archipelago’s cuisine, in every dish. Whether you’re craving for the most contemporary Lanzarote offerings or traditional dishes with a creative twist, you’ll have no problem finding fantastic gastronomic spots on this part of the island. Even nicer, breathtaking views can be admired in many dining options.

Here are the three restaurants close to Caleton Blanco beach that will forever leave a great taste of Lanzarote in your mouth:

La Nasa Restaurante El Norte

Want a nice place to watch the sunset after a day of sunbathing in Caleton Blanco? Well, La Nasa Restaurante El Norte is the answer. It sits a few meters from the water, giving incredible views of the port, the sea, and Punta Fariones. Apart from its incredible location, it’s one of the best restaurants (if not the best) to get grilled octopus and homemade cakes in Orzola. The garlic prawns, arroz con bogavante, and grilled fish platter are crowd-pleasers as well. Their menu doesn’t offer anything fancy and is ever-changing depending on what’s been caught that day, but you can expect fresh seafood and authentic Atlantic flavors in good portions and fair prices.

Restaurante La Maresía

A special restaurant also in the small fishing village of Orzola, La Maresía provides fast, friendly service, good portions, and, most importantly, ultra-delicious food made from fresh catch. Their paella is cooked superbly, an absolute must-try when dining here. The sizzling garlic prawns, sweet’n’sour tuna dips, squid croquetas, and grilled goat’s cheese are all well worth a taste as well. Not familiar with the local food? You may also just order sopa de marisco (seafood soup) and pescado do dia (fish of the day), and let the chef prepare something wonderful for you. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Restaurante Volcan de la Corona

More or less 12 minutes away from Caleton Blanco beach, Volcan de la Corona is located 9-kilometer inland in the village of Ye. The star dishes of their menu are meats in enormous portions, so if you are a big carnivore, this is a great place for you. Most of the meat selections are wood fire-grilled, which you can smell upon walking in the restaurant, and served with Canarian Potatoes or fries. Some of the best on the island, they are all cooked to utter perfection—full of flavor, tender, and juicy.

We recommend trying their t-bone steak, rib-eye steak, or pork ribs for meaty mains, and washing it all down with Lanzarote red wine. For a perfect ending to your Volcan de la Corona experience, go for either goat cheese cheesecake or chocolate mousse. Both are absolutely mind-blowing!

How to Reach Caleton Blanco Beach

Driving from Arrecife to Caleton Blanco via LZ-1 takes over half an hour. If you are coming from south of Lanzarote, take LZ-2 from Playa Blanca, followed by LZ-3 once you are close to Arrecife, and, finally, LZ-1. The total travel time would be a little more than an hour.

Vacationers can also get to Orzola, the town nearest to Caleton Blanco, via bus line 9, which leaves every 3 hours from Arrecife bus station and arrives in about 1 hour. If you are in other parts of Lanzarote, you can reach the island capital through these bus lines (the point of origin indicated):

  • Bus 01 – Costa Teguise
  • Bus 02 – Puerto del Carmen
  • Bus 05 – Femés
  • Bus 06 – Playa Blanca – Puerto del Carmen
  • Bus 07 – Máguez
  • Bus 10 – Los Valles
  • Bus 14 – Teguise Market
  • Bus 15 – Tinajo
  • Bus 16 – La Santa
  • Bus 19 – La Asomada – Conil
  • Bus 20 – Caleta de Famara
  • Bus 21 – Playa Honda
  • Bus 22 – Aeropuerto – Arrecife
  • Bus 23 – Aeropuerto – Playa Honda
  • Bus 24 – Puerto Calero
  • Bus 26 – Yé
  • Bus 42 – Instituto de Yaiza
  • Bus 60 – Playa Blanca

For an updated timetable, please visit the Intercity Bus Lanzarote website.

Experience Caleton Blanco Beach

Looking for an exciting activity on your next visit to Lanzarote? Why not go up north to experience Playa del Caleton Blanco? An excellent choice for families with kids, it has shallow lava rock lagoons that shelter the bay from strong Atlantic waves and keep the waters relatively warm. The white sand beach is also a scenic spot for picnics and sunbathing. After a day of swimming and wading, holidaymakers can enjoy a delicious seafood meal in Orzola while admiring the sunset.