Nude beaches offer a sense of freedom that is unparalleled. They provide a place where people can be themselves without the pressure to conform to society’s standards. Nudists beaches are also a great way to connect with nature and experience it in its purest form. Additionally, nude beaches are often located in beautiful and secluded areas, making them the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you’re looking for nude beaches that are off the beaten path, then Lanzarote is the place for you. The choices on the island are not as well known as some of the other nude beaches in Europe, but they are definitely worth a visit. These beaches boast pristine sand and crystal clear waters, making them the perfect places to unwind and sunbathe. And don’t worry – despite their popularity among nudists, these Lanzarote beaches are still relatively quiet and secluded.

Top Nudist Lanzarote beaches

There are many reasons why going nude on Lanzarote beaches is great. The first reason is that the many beaches here are very secluded, so you can enjoy some privacy while you sunbathe. Second, the weather in Lanzarote is perfect for going nude– the temperatures are usually quite mild and the sun shines most of the time. Third, the scenery here is simply beautiful, so it’s definitely worth taking a nude stroll on the beach. Finally, Lanzarote is known for its nudist beaches, so you’ll be in good company if you decide to bare all!

If you’re looking to hit the beach without any clothes on, then look no further than these top nudist seaside destinations in Lanzarote:

Caleta del Congrio

The Caleta del Congrio is one of the six Papagayo beaches on Lanzarote’s southern coast. It is in the Los Ajaches Nature Park, which has a nominal fee to enter. After following the park’s entrance signs for about 5 minutes, you will arrive at the clothing-optional beach, a beige sandy stretch surrounded by spectacular rocky terrain. You’ll find charming little caves at regular intervals to offer you shelter from the wind, weather, and unwelcome eyesight, as well as beautiful views of the neighboring island of Fuerteventura.

There are no facilities at Caleta del Congrio, except for the toilets and showers in the parking lot. Visitors will have to bring everything they need for a day at the beach. Lifeguards are rare here, and big waves can occur, so exercise caution when bathing with little youngsters.

Puerto Muelas Beach

The easternmost of the renowned Papagayo beaches is Puerto Muelas, located in the Los Ajaches Nature Park next to Caleta del Congrio. The park is the path to this beach, and accordingly, you must pay a small admission fee.

With its 150-meter breadth, white sand, and pitch-black volcanic rock, the bay of Puerto Muelas is one of the most beautiful in all Lanzarote. You may almost touch the neighboring island of Fuerteventura from this vantage point – a stunning sight. On both sides are hills that give an excellent view of the cove and the adjacent bay.

Playa de Guasimeta

Playa de Guasimeta is located between the towns of Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen. It is along Avenida Playa Honda and spread next to Lanzarote Airport, ending in Punta Montañosa. Although only separated from the landing strip by a perimeter fence and a foot- and bikeway, the noise pollution is completely endurable. It won’t disturb the relaxation, especially in the rear half of the beach. Quite the contrary, the sight of planes coming in to land directly over your head may even add excitement to your visit. The view of the landing lights fading into the ocean is also particularly lovely.

Guasimeta beach is a long, beige sand stretch that runs for several hundred meters, with clothing-optional zones. The solitude seekers will not be disappointed because there are barely any people here. In addition, the water is clear and shallow in some areas, making it suitable for beginner swimmers and children.

As beautiful as it is unspoiled, Playa Guasimeta offers no services and thus requires you to bring whatever you’ll need. Nearby is Playa Honda, where you’d have access to public showers, toilets, several parking spaces, a children’s playground, and recreational amenities. A promenade with restaurants is located immediately behind the beach, where you may dine on primarily local cuisine.

Charco del Palo

The tiny naturist holiday resort of Charco del Palo is located in the north-east of Lanzarote. It is located near the towns of Mala and Guatiza, and has been a nude-friendly destination since the 1970s. A fantastic alternative in comparison to highly commercialized beaches, it maintains a cozy appeal far away from mass tourism.

The town of Charco del Palo is home to a German majority blended with some English- and Spanish-speaking locals and tourists. You’ll find two apartment complexes, villas, and houses for rent, as well as a small supermarket. A true thriving community for naturists, you will see naked people going about their everyday life and walking around the village with just their shoes and SPF30 on.

There are three lovely natural pools: two fill up with water at high tide, while the other allows swimming in the open sea. A beautiful location for sunbathing and swimming is the southern tidal pool. It’s definitely worth a trip for a naked swim.

Playa de Famara

Playa de Famara is the longest natural beach in Lanzarote and is completely untouched by mass tourism. Located in the north-west of Lanzarote, it is known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and easy-going vibe. Famara beach is a favorite spot of surfers, kitesurfers, and naturists. The beach is particularly busy with families and surf schools in the vicinity of Caleta de Famara, whereas naturists prefer the stretch of sand between the Playa Famara Bungalows and the cliffs.

You’ll have plenty of room in this open, remote place. Plus, the locals are used to seeing people of all ages and shapes without their clothes on, so you won’t feel odd. Just be sure to come prepared. There’s no shade on Playa de Famara; just volcanic stone shelters dotted along its soft golden sand to provide privacy and protection from the sea breeze, so make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat.

Playa la Arena

Playa la Arena is a hidden, 390-meter-long black sand beach. Boasting the fantastic weather conditions of Lanzarote’s southeastern coast, it is sheltered from strong winds and almost always has tranquil crystal-clear waters. It is close to the tiny fishing hamlet of Playa Quemada, which is home to three restaurants serving excellent seafood and a few houses. This beach is not as well-known as many others in the south of the island and has no facilities, not even toilets, sunbeds, or sunshades. However, if you want to soak up the sun while experiencing stunning, undisturbed scenery in pervasive silence, this beach may be what you’ve been searching for.

From the car park of Playa Quemada, Playa la Arena is only a five-minute walk away. It requires walking over a small mountain and down old goats’ paths. If it’s a low tide, one can reach the secluded beach via the rocks at the sea.

The beach is ideal for swimming, as the waves are gentle and not very high. Furthermore, because the beach is almost deserted, naturists may relax without feeling self-conscious, with just seagulls and a few passing paragliders flying overhead.

Playa del Janubio

One of the most striking beaches on the island is Playa de Janubio. It’s an 820-meter-long unspoiled black sand beach adjacent to and backed by the spectacular Salinas de Janubio. Around a 17-minute drive from Playa Blanca, guests only need to stroll down a little to the beach once they arrive in the parking area.

Janubio Beach does not disappoint anyone who comes to visit, including nudists. The howling Atlantic and its contrasting hue make the beach a truly majestic place. There are rarely many bathers at any time of the year, making it an excellent location to unwind or read in peace, clothed or not. In addition, this stretch of seaside paradise offers one of the most romantic sunsets on the island, rivaling that of the breathtaking El Golfo.

The beauty of Playa de Janubio cannot be denied, yet it’s essential to be careful when bathing there. It flies an ever-present red flag, letting you know that the beach isn’t safe to swim in and advising you to be cautious when visiting. The best alternative to a secure bathe is walking along the seashore and getting your feet soaked. This too lacks amenities, so bring your own food and water with you if necessary.

Fun Guaranteed, Clothing Optional Lanzarote Beaches

Nudist beaches are a great way to spend your time in Lanzarote. These clothing-optional destinations offer an enjoyable experience under the sun without the hassle of worrying about what you wear and how it will look on camera. If this appeals to you, we recommend that you visit one of the many nudist beach options on the list. There’s plenty for everyone, so no matter what interests you most–whether its surfing or just relaxing by the water with friends–you’ll find something suited for your needs.