Welcome to La Geria, Lanzarote – the wine lover’s paradise! This is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Canary Islands, as it offers some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in all of Europe. Here you can enjoy hiking or biking through the volcanic hillsides, stopping at wineries along the way to sample some of Lanzarote’s famous wines. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, be sure to add La Geria to your itinerary!

The Origins of La Geria

The Valley of La Geria or Valle de La Geria was devoted to cereal cultivation for many years. However, due to the eruptions of the neighboring Timanfaya volcano between 1730 and 1736, the local farmers were compelled to come up with a new method of cultivating their land, which had all of a sudden been rendered unusable. The Bodega El Grifo, Lanzarote’s oldest operating winery, was established in 1775 and is still in operation today. More wineries began to spring up over time.

These wineries pioneered a new way to grow vines, making the production of rich, refined wines from this arid land feasible. Geria, a funnel-shaped hole carved into the heavy layers of volcanic ash, provided the solution by allowing plants to reach fertile soil and hold moisture from morning dew. The vines were protected from the island’s continuous trade winds by these deep hollows and the dry stone walls that enclosed them.

As time passed, only the wineries and a few farm buildings remained in La Geria. The landscape of the wine-growing region is characterized by an extensive collection of funnel-shaped depressions, which create a distinctive pattern throughout the land. Although they have a lunar-like appearance, they are in perfect harmony with the area’s natural landscape and seem to merge their beauty with the mysterious caves, lava fields, and volcanic cones surrounding them. A true visual treat!

Why Visit The Wine Valley of La Geria

When visiting Lanzarote, take the time to explore the La Geria wine area for a truly unique and wonderful experience.The wine-growing region is situated in the southwest, encompassing five of the island’s seven municipalities. Reborn from ash and lava while caressed by the trade winds, it’s a vast expanse of around 20 square miles of awe-inspiring lunar landscape.

When you take a tour through the heart of La Geria, you will, among other things, have the opportunity to discover the best-kept secrets of the traditional viticulture of Lanzarote, walk among hundreds of years old vineyards, and taste exquisite, multi-award-winning local wines while surrounded by unbroken tranquility.

Need further convincing? Below you’ll find the top reasons to include this wine-producing region and the fun it provides to your travel plans.

Experience and Support a Recognized Protected Area

La Geria demonstrates the remarkable aptitude of the inhabitants of Lanzarote, also known as conejeros, to adjust to circumstances no matter how catastrophic. This now popular wine region is indeed an incredible story of recovery. In addition, the area is of such unusual and distinctive beauty that on June 19, 1987, in accordance with law 12/1987, it was designated as a “Natural Park”. After some time, the law 12/1994 reclassified it as a “Protected landscape” on December 19.

Why travel to a protected area? A visit to La Geria is an opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural world in its unspoiled state. It provides a haven for wildlife and offers visitors the chance to see plant and animal species not found elsewhere. A paradise for avian enthusiasts, the valley has been recognized as a ZEP or special protection zone for birds, or a designated area where particular bird species are known to reside or migrate through, in accordance with the 79/409/CEE regulation on the conservation of wild birds. Whether you’re an experienced birdwatcher or simply seeking a new way to spend a day outdoors, stopping off here allows you to observe a variety of birds in their natural habitat and learn about the precautions taken to protect them.

In addition, La Geria is a scenic location, offering breathtaking views and a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Cueva de los Naturalistas, often referred to as the Cueva de Las Palomas, is one of the one-of-a-kind attractions tucked away in this valley. The lava tube has been preserved as a natural monument and designated an”area of ecological sensitivity.” This feature and the rest of the protected region ensure a fun and memorable experience, regardless of whether you are searching for a spot to go hiking or simply to relax.

La Geria Winery Tour and Wine Tasting

When visiting Lanzarote, the Canary Island wine route provides an opportunity to explore vineyards and wineries, making a visit to the Valle de La Geria an essential part of the island experience. Timanfaya, the Salinas de Janubio, the Hervideros Mountains, and the Charco de los Clicos are also all within a short drive.

A visit to La Geria must include its famed bodegas, which for generations have harvested the most coveted grape cultivated in the Canary Islands, the malvasia volcánica or volcanic malvasia: a small and exquisite grape variety that is the most extensively grown grape on the Lanzarote. This indigenous grape type is utilized to produce 75% of La Geria’s aromatic and intensely fruity wines, which are offered in four varieties: dry, sparkling, semi-sweet, and sweet.

La Geria valley’s vineyards, situated on the border of the badlands and blanketed in black volcanic ash, appear to have been transplanted from the moon. How can such a dry area create such outstanding wines? In this harsh and arid environment, the Conejeros developed an indigenous method of cultivating vines. They dug funnel-shaped hollows into the thick layers of coarse volcanic ashes (also known as picón) and sown one vine in each depression. The cavities are then filled with soil and topped with a thick layer of picón, ideal for retaining nighttime humidity for the plants’ sustenance. Short, semicircular walls were added around the hollows to shield the grapevine from frequent strong winds.

The LZ-30, located between the communities of Uga and Mozaga, serves as the focal point of the wine tour. The route can be traveled in either direction, from north to south or vice versa. However, we strongly suggest that travelers start their day in Uga, where there is a beautiful farmers market every Saturday morning, serving as the ideal introduction to the wine trail.

As we drive down the road, the first two wineries we see are La Geria and Rubicón. One of the oldest wineries in Lanzarote is La Geria, which the Rijo family constructed near the end of the nineteenth century. It is also the most visited winery in Spain, with an average of 300,000 visitors each year. In addition to private excursions to Timanfaya National Park, La Geria offers daily guided tours of its vineyards and the various interesting areas of the bodega. Its in-depth history and the daily life of a winegrower are both covered in the tour, which ends with a tasting of the bodega’s most acclaimed wines.

Landscape of Timanfaya National Park
The Out-of-this-World Landscape of Timanfaya National Park – ©stolenpencil

Two other notable bodegas, El Grifo and Vega de Yuco, can be found in the direction of Masdache. Bodegas El Grifo is the oldest winery in the Canary Islands. This bodega offers a tour of its vineyards, dating back two centuries, and a wine museum featuring displays of vintner’s tools from years gone by. In contrast, Vega de Yuco has only been in existence for barely twenty years, but it’s known for its delicate dry malvasía.

As you leave Masdache and make your way to El Islote, you’ll pass the Bodega Los Bermejos on the side of the road. Here, you’ll sample muscatel, Diego dry whites, and reds at this winery, not simply malvasia. The route concludes at the Monumento al Campesino or Monument to the Farm Worker in the village of Mogaza. César Manrique, a famous Canary Islands artist, created it as a tribute to the hundreds of years of hard work put in by the farmers of Lanzarote.

Hike Through La Geria Trails

Why venture out into the scorching heat of the desert-like La Geria? Hiking in this arid environment can be a unique and rewarding experience. Its vast open spaces and dramatic views are unlike anything else. La Geria’s stunning volcanic landscape is home to some of the best hiking trails in Lanzarote and perhaps the entire Canary Islands. The area is characterized by its black lava fields, created by a series of eruptions over the centuries. Today, those same lava fields provide an excellent surface for hiking, and several routes wind through the landscape.

In addition, because hiking in La Geria can be challenging, it can help you push yourself physically and mentally. Italso offers some benefits you may not find in other hiking destinations. For example, the dry air can help improve your respiratory health, and the lack of vegetation can provide unobstructed views of the vineyards and surrounding landscape. So, whether you’re looking for a new adventure or simply hoping to improve your health, hiking in La Geria is definitely worth considering.

One of the most popular trails is the Ruta de los Volcanes or Volcano Route, which takes hikers past on a 14-km walk to several of the most famous volcanoes on Lanzarote. A shorter option is the El Cuervo Volcano-La Geria route, a 10-km-long trail that takes around 4 hours to finish and is moderately difficult. This path traverses the volcanic landscape created by the 1730-1736 eruption. Many consider the visit to El Cuervo’s magnificent crater to be the most exciting part of the hike. The hike continues to the volcanic vineyards of La Geria and then to Guardilama Mountain, the island’s fourth-highest point, where guests will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. The trip concludes with a wine tasting at one of La Geria’s wineries.

If climbing to the peaks of mountains and volcanoes isn’t your thing, there are other options. There are shorter routes that lead to hidden caves and coves, allowing plenty of possibilities to explore the distinctive topography of La Geria.

Dining Options

La Geria’s picturesque wine region is more than a black lava landscape and striking vineyards. While the area may be best known for its wines, it also offers few but excellent dining options. The restaurants on our list are all in the heart of La Geria, makingthem the perfect spot for enjoying the area’s stunning scenery with traditional Canary Island cuisine along with some classic Spanish and European choices. Here, you can share a variety of tapas and other small plates with friends. And, of course, no visit to La Geria would be complete without sampling some bottles from an extensive selection of local wines. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience, something a bit more casual, or simply want to enjoy some good food and wine, La Geria has something to offer.

Restaurante Bodegas Rubicon

If you’re at La Geria, don’t miss out on Restaurante Bodegas Rubicon. The restaurant serves a wide range of authentic Canarian fare, all of which are prepared to a high standard. Grilled cheese with mojo sauce, fried rabbit (conejo frito rubicon), and tapas are all must-haves at this restaurant. The aniseed bread should also be sampled, as it is freshly cooked and has a delicious crust. Other dishes not to be missed include the marinated pork (cochino en adobo) and pork in red wine (solomillo de cerdo al vino tinto). Both of these pork dishes are cooked to perfection, very juicy, and have flavors that are just irresistible. The food at Restaurante Bodegas Rubicon is, on the whole, fantastic, and you should make an effort to sample some of it if you find yourself in La Geria.

El Chupadero

There are several reasons to dine at the El Chupadero while in La Geria. The assortment of tapas, which include meats, fish, and some vegetarian selections, is outstanding and offers something to suit all tastes. Grilled goat’s cheese, beef stew with Canarian potatoes, and grilled garlic prawns are among the most popular options. Both the tomato soup and the meatballs in tomato and vegetable sauce are cooked to perfection, and the tomato salad is especially wonderful. Local wine is likewise incredibly reasonably priced, with a large assortment to pick from. Perhaps most importantly, the atmosphere at the El Chupadero is just unparalleled. The employees are pleasant and helpful, and the restaurant offers a warm and appealing ambiance. Whether you’re searching for a quick bite to eat or a leisurely evening meal, the El Chupadero is an excellent choice.

Taberna La Cepa

Taberna La Cepa is the perfect place to enjoy a meal while taking in the view of the picturesque La Geria. The restaurant has a cozy, rustic feel, and the outdoor seating area offers stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. The menu features a variety of traditional Canarian and Spanish dishes, including tapas, tortillas, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and Spanish omelet. The wine list is also impressive, with a wide selection of local wines to choose from. In addition to great food and drink, Taberna La Cepa also offers live music on most nights. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or a place to enjoy good food and music with friends, Taberna La Cepa is a perfect choice.

How to Reach La Geria

By Bus

Bus 05 goes from Arrecife and Playa Honda to Masdache and La Florida via LZ-30, where the stretch of La Geria vineyards runs. When you get off the bus, you’ll see the vineries spread out before you. It leaves the bus station in Arrecife several times every day, and the trip takes more than 20 minutes. Please visit the Bus 32 page or navigate from the homepage to view the updated timetable.

Buses 05 (Arrecife to Femes) and 34 (Interior de Tias) also pass LZ-30 on their way to or from LZ-501. Check their respective pages to discover whether any of the buses serve your area or nearby locations.

By Car or Taxi

Taxis can be found everywhere in Lanzarote, especially in tourist hotspots. To avoid long lines or if you’re in a remote location, you can take a taxi or hire a car for self-drive trips instead of using public transportation. It’s easy to get around the island, and La Geria is well-connected to other top destinations on the island. The following are the specifics:

From Arrecife and Playa Honda, take LZ-2, continue on LZ-501 to LZ-30.

From Playa Blanca, follow LZ-2 to reach LZ-30.

From Costa Teguise, via LZ-34 connects to LZ-30

From Puerto del Carmen, take LZ-504, LZ-502, and LZ-501 to LZ-30.

From Caleta de Famara, take LZ-402 to reach LZ-30.

The Unique La Geria

Imagine a land of hot, dusty plains, sharp volcanic cliffs, and lush green vineyards – La Geria on Lanzarote is all that and more! This stunning landscape is a must-see for any tourist or wine lover visiting the Canary Islands. Unlike typical vineyards, the La Geria vineries are protected from wind and sun by stone walls. Visitors can stroll through the vineyards, sample the wines, and learn about the challenges of viticulture in this hostile environment. In addition, La Geria is home to some of Lanzarote’s most popular restaurants, serving traditional Canarian cuisineof primarily fresh seafood and locally-grown vegetables.

With its dramatic scenery, award-winning wines, and unique experiences to offer, La Geria is one of the most beautiful and distinctive regions in the world. So come explore it for yourself!