El Golfo is a small and quaint seaside village on the western coast of Lanzarote, famous for its unique volcanic landscape. The green lake in El Golfo is what brings in the visitors, as it is a unique and stunning natural wonder. This green lake is also known as Lago Verde or Charco de Los Clicos and consists of a lake formed in a crater, which has turned green due to the type of algae which grows in it.

Weather in El Golfo

The weather in El Golfo is like it is in the rest of Lanzarote – subtropical and warm in the summer and mild and pleasant in the winter. In the summer, one can expect average temperatures of about 27°C, with lows dipping down to about 17°C. In the winter, the temperatures drop to around 14°C, sometimes bringing winter rains in December.

Things to do

Lanzarote is full of natural wonders and volcanic landscapes, and El Golfo is no different. With the National Park right next door, there is much to see when visiting this village, while churches and other historical site show some of the Canarian island’s story.

Charco Verde

The main attraction at El Golfo, the Charco Verde is a green pond located inside the vast crater, which opens to the sea. The green of the lake is a result of the marine flora residing in the water, precisely due to the accumulation of seaweed. The surrounding volcanic landscape adds to the mysterious look of the Charco Verde, looking otherworldly and fantastical.

Timanfaya National Park

One of the world’s most stunning national parks is the Timanfaya National Park, which is situated right next to El Golfo. It sits on a massive 51.07 square kilometers of land and resembles what we would imagine the surface of Mars looks like. Its parkland is made entirely of volcanic soil and is a Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO.

Los Hervideros

Los Hervideros is about a 12-minute drive south of El Golfo and is a series of cliffs and caves made out of lava. There is free parking nearby, where cars and motorhomes park so that they can take in the full view of this geological wonder. The water splashes aggressively against the rock formations here, making it an impressive view to witness, and there are several platforms from which one can safely observe the rocks.

Iglesia de la Candelaria

The Iglesia de la Candelaria is about a 36-minute drive east of the village of El Golfo and is a worthy stop for anyone visiting Lanzarote. This church, aptly named after the patron saint of La Frontera, stands on a hill from which one can see the 360° view of both ocean and mountain. The church itself is of a baroque nature, equally beautiful, but the view is what really keeps visitors coming back to admire.


El Hotelito del Golfo

One of the most popular hotels in the area, El Hotelito del Golfo is set on the edge of the Timanfaya National Park. Its rooms offer stunning views of the volcanoes, as well as the sea. The panoramic views at this hotel are unique and spectacular and can be enjoyed on the large terraces, which feature sun loungers and umbrellas. Couples love this hotel for its location, as well as its close proximity to all the sightseeing stops.

El Hotelito del Golfo
El Hotelito del Golfo – © hotelitodelgolfo

Casa Rural Caleton del Golfo

The Casa Rural Caleton del Golfo is an aparthotel set on a private beach, with tropical views of the setting sun. An outdoor pool with sunbeds around it offers a perfect chill-out spot for those who would like to spend time swimming and sunbathing. As the area around the hotel is famous for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, the hotel also offers bicycle rentals to their guests.

Casa Rural Caleton del Golfo
Casa Rural Caleton del Golfo – © caletondelgolfo

Casa Oliver – Volcano View

Another beautiful holiday home in El Golfo is Casa Oliver, an apartment with views of the surrounding volcanoes. With a patio, a terrace, as well as a balcony, it is easy to see why this apartment is popular among visitors. It offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, as well as a living room, dining area, and kitchen. The Timanfaya National park is easily accessed from here, as it is only a few kilometers away. Book Now!

Casita El Golfo

A beachside apartment, Casita El Golfo has a shared swimming pool, as well as a terrace with sea views. This small but cozy holiday home has its own kitchen and living area, one-bedroom, and a sofa bed. The National Park is only 6 kilometers away, while the famous Charco Los Clicos, also known as Charco Verde, is only a few hundred meters away.

Restaurants / Bars

Casa Rafa Restaurante de Mar

A top seafood restaurant in El Golfo, Casa Rafa Restaurante de Mar is an authentic spot for a Mediterranean dinner. The portions here are hearty and filling, while the service is warm and friendly. This and their extensive selection of dishes keeps guests coming back for more. The fish is exceptional at this restaurant, as well as the garlic prawns and the baby fried squid. Their homemade goat milk ice cream is outstanding and a must-try.

Casa Rafa Restaurante de Mar
Casa Rafa Restaurante de Mar – © restaurantecasarafa

La Lapa Negra

La Lapa Negra is another authentic choice, serving freshly caught fish and seafood in typical Canarian style. The grilled baby squid is a specialty here, as well as the Galician octopus, which is an absolute must-try. The fish soup is a local delicacy, and the mussels are freshly caught and highly recommended. Add a glass of wine to that order, and everything just comes out as the perfect summer lunch meal.

Mar Azul

Everyone’s favorite fish restaurant in El Golfo is Mar Azul, a small authentic restaurant right by the water’s edge. The fish here is always fresh and then cooked to perfection – nothing short of delicious each time. The deep-fried chopitos (baby squid) is an excellent way to kick off a meal here, which can then be followed up with the catch of the day. The house white wine goes very well with everything on the menu, completing the palette to perfection.

Restaurante El Caleton

Restaurante El Caleton offers a delicious menu full of local dishes, as well as Spanish classics. The fish platter is excellent at this seafood restaurant, which is served with a side of Canarian potatoes and a salad. The seafood paella is one of the best in town, which goes perfectly with fresh tuna or sea bream. The staff here is also very helpful and attentive without being overly so.

Restaurante La Gamba Loca

With a name like “the crazy prawn”, one can expect that this restaurant has a unique menu to offer. It is also a wine bar and has a list of wines which go very well with the diverse food menu. The mixed tapas is a great way to kick off the meal, while the freshly caught local fish serves as the perfect main course. The view over the water just adds to this dining experience, as it is an excellent spot to enjoy the setting sun from.

Getting to El Golfo from the airport

There are a few ways one can reach El Golfo after arriving at Lanzarote airport. A bus can take guests to the town, which will take around 45 minutes to arrive, costing only around €19. Taxis are waiting at the airport as well, which is a more comfortable way to travel to El Golfo. The taxi ride will take about 27 minutes, and cost an estimated €50.

Another option is to pre-book a shuttle from the airport to the doorstep of any El Golfo hotel, which is often the best way to travel in comfort without spending too much. Visitors who plan to rent a car for their stay may do this at the airport and then drive to El Golfo themselves.