Arrecife is the capital city in Lanzarote, located in the south-eastern part of the island, south of Teguise. It got its name from the volcanic reefs along its coast, “Arrecife” meaning “reef” in the Spanish language. There are several museums in Arrecife, many of them depicting the artistic and historical journey of this lovely and quaint town, which is growing in popularity.

Weather in Arrecife

Arrecife has what can be referred to as a desert climate, which is due to its proximity to the Western Sahara. The weather on the island of Lanzarote is as pleasant as can be – the average temperatures in the summer reach around 28°C, with the night temperature dipping down to 21°C.

Thing to do

There is much to do in Arrecife, as the capital is a bustling city with activities, museums and even a castle, which draw in many visitors each year. Compared to other towns in Lanzarote such as Playa del Carmen and Costa Teguise, Arrecife is a more urban city. This is where Lanzarote locals head to when they are up for a night out clubbing and dining in excellent restaurants.

Playa del Reducto

Playa del Reducto is beautiful because right at the center of the capital, a beach shielded from winds, with shallow waters. It is a perfect place to spend the day, especially for those who would like to be close to the selection of cafes nearby. Sun loungers can be booked here at around 3€ each, while umbrellas are also available for rent, for those who would like to shield themselves from the sun.

International Contemporary Art Museum – Castillo de San Jose

This building was built between 1776 and 1779, and utilized as a spot, from the locals could defend the city of Arrecife from the pirates. After it was abandoned for a century, it was then turned into an art gallery, where visitors can enjoy the artworks for renowned geniuses such as Cesar Manrique and many more. A restaurant at the museum serves refreshments, as well as impressive views from giant glass windows.

Charco San Gines

Charco San Gines is a lagoon, which doubles as a location from which guests can enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the view. The lake has a charming effect on tourists and locals alike, as the fishing boats bobbing up and down on the water give off a very relaxing mood. Photos taken here are nostalgic and dreamy, with many referring to the view at Charco San Gines as the “Venice of the Atlantic”.

Arrecife Market

This market is active each Saturday, from about 9am-2pm, and has been around since 2010. Artisan goods and souvenirs, as well as local agricultural produce and other food items, are displayed here and offer for a great price. It is easily accessible, as it is very close to the main bus stop, at which buses from all over Lanzarote depart from and arrive.

Castillo de San Gabriel

The Castillo de San Gabriel is a small castle, which has been declared a National Historic Monument in 1972 and is now used as a museum. It hosts many artifacts from the last hundreds of years, including a sundial and a historic bell, which can be found atop the castle. The entrance to the museum is only around 3€ and is a great way to entertain children while teaching them a little bit about history.

Museum of the history of Arrecife
Museum of the history of Arrecife – @ turismolanzarote


Hotel Lancelot

Well-located in the center of the city, Hotel Lancelot is a modern hotel, located right by Playa Reducto. The facilities here include a sunbathing area and a roof terrace, as well as a restaurant and café. Guests who like to stay active while vacationing can take advantage of the fitness center, the swimming pool, and the provided bicycle rental, perfect for a day spent discovering the town.

Hotel Lancelot Recepcion
Hotel Lancelot Recepcion – @ hotellancelot

Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa

Rated as a “fabulous” place to stay, the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa is right by the El Reducto Beach. This hotel is cozy and lofty, with an incredible view of the water. Modern and minimal rooms with wooden floors and large windows make for a relaxing holiday atmosphere, with each room containing a mini-bar, air conditioning, and a marble bathroom.

Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa
Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa- @ aghotelspa

La Concha Boutique Apartments

The La Concha Boutique Apartments is an apartment complex with minimal interiors and a Mediterranean vibe. Each room features a flatscreen TV, as well as air conditioning, which will come in handy in the sweltering summers. The views from the balconies are picture-perfect, and a great place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, at the start of the day.

Villa Vik – Hotel Boutique

This warm and romantic boutique hotel is located close to the beach, not more than 200 meters from the shore. Villa Vik – Hotel Boutique has stylish rooms, with beddings made of delicate floral prints and warm summer tones. Massage and wellness treats can be booked by guests here, which include hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and a solarium.

Hotel Villa Vik
Hotel Villa Vik – @ villavik

Apartamentos Bello Lanzarote

Apartamentos Bello Lanzarote is located central and yet close to the marina of Arrecife. It is highly rated, especially among guests traveling as couples. It is only about 10 minutes to Playa Reducto by foot, with many restaurants and cafés lining the streets nearby. These apartments are also located right by the Charco San Gines, a small lagoon, where locals like to spend days taking in the view.

Restaurants / Bars

El Nido

El Nido is a Mediterranean and Spanish style restaurant, which also serves gluten-free options. Here their menu consists of dishes such as an authentic Paella, perfectly cooked steaks, and octopus. Families love this restaurant for their warm atmosphere and their friendly service, as they are accommodating and make their guests feel welcome and at home.


Located on the famed and much-visited Playa Honda strip, Nakai is a fitting choice for those looking to taste fusion style classics, from international cuisines. The Poke tuna is a filling and fresh meal, while the cuttlefish with fennel is an absolute must-try. Desserts such as the white chocolate or a flan de muscatel are the best way to wrap up this delicious meal.

Nakai Bar
Sunset from the terrace of Nakai Bar – @ nakaibar

Bar Andalucia 1960

As its name suggests, Bar Andalucia serves Andalucian dishes from the south of Spain. These come in the form of small plates, which can include anything from gambas al pil pil, chorizos, meatballs, and octopus, which come drenched in olive oil and served with a side of bread. A bottle of wine from their wine selection will go entirely with this palette, and make for a delicious lunch or dinner.

The Black Bull

Visitors from the UK love this pub especially, as their Sunday roast is incredible and a must-try, accompanied by fresh vegetables and other meats. Another popular hang-out spot for people-watching, especially when doing so over a bottle of wine or a pint or two. Even holidays such as Christmas are well-spent at The Black Bull, as the atmosphere is festive at all times, due to the friendly staff.

Marcos & Aless Bar

An excellent stop for those who would like to enjoy a few drinks while vacationing, Marcos & Aless Bar is also ideal for families, as it is child-friendly. While sitting al fresco, visitors can people-watch and take in the balmy nights, while enjoying their drinks. The owners of the bar are said to be exceptionally friendly and welcoming, which is what has guests coming back for more.

Getting to Arrecife from the Airport

The airport of Lanzarote is very close to Arrecife, making it easy to access in little time. By taxi, this trip takes around 11 minutes and should cost around 12€. Another alternative for guests who plan to rent a vehicle is to do it right from the many booths at the airport, and then do the drive themselves.

A shuttle can also be booked online, which takes guests right to the doorstep of their hotel, while others may prefer to take the bus. The bus lines 22 and 23 are the easiest and fastest way to get to Arrecife from the airport.