Los Cancajos is a resort town on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, which used to be a simple fishing village. With the growing tourism on the island, it has turned into a bustling seaside town. It has many sights and attractions, as well as an abundance in cafes and restaurants, which cater to locals and visitors alike.

Weather in Los Cancajos

The weather in La Palma is mild and pleasant pretty much all-year-round, although it has the tendency to be a little cooler than in the rest of the Canary Islands. In Los Cancajos, one can expect the highs in the winter to be around 13°C, while the summer months can see the temperatures rising up to about 19°C.

Punta de La Arena Playa de Los Cancajos
Playa de Los Cancajos – Image Courtesy of Frank Vincentz

Things to do

The island of La Palma is just brimming with outdoor sights and activities. Los Cancajos is a beautiful seaside municipality from where it is easy to access all of the island’s natural beauty. Unique activities such as stargazing and hiking are some of the main things visitors can expect to do when coming to La Palma on holiday.

Roque de Los Muchachos

The Roque de Los Muchachos can be found towards the northern part of La Palma, about 50 kilometers from Los Cancajos. It consists of a rocky mound and reaches a height of 2,423 meters above sea level. Driving up to the top can be an adventure of its own, as the roads are winding and rocky. The breathtaking view alone is worth the drive, as visitors will feel like they are on top of the world, especially on a bright and cloudless day.

Caldera de Taburiente National Park

A natural wonder is centered in the middle of La Palma, the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. It was named after its giant erosion crater, which is known to be the largest in the world, at around 8 kilometers in diameter. The walls around the crater tower around it at about 2000 meters in height, creating a stunning visual. The National Park can take days to explore, as it has more the one spots worth a visit.

Cascada de Los Colores

There are several ways to reach the Cascada de Los Colores, which is a colorful waterfall within the Taburiente National Park. One can drive up to a certain, and then will have to hike through the park and climb some rocks, making it a place not easily accessed by everyone. What awaits is a stunning display of colors from green to orange and yellow, as the water runs down the rocks – a spectacular view one shouldn’t miss.

Playa de Los Cancajos

Playa de Los Cancajos is a beautiful black sand beach, surrounded by bars and cafes. It is a favorite hangout spot for both locals and tourists, who spend their days lounging on the sand and soaking in the sun. The sprawling views of the surrounding mountains make for a delightful background to a relaxing setting.

Cumbre Vieja

Cumbre Vieja is an active volcano which has been dormant since 1971. It can be found south of Los Cancajos and is easily accessed via a 1-hour drive, although it can be seen from far away. The Cumbre Vieja National Park surrounds it, which is a colorful landscape built from volcanic activity and erosion. Many visitors love to hike up to get as close to the top of the Cumbre Vieja as possible, as the views are fantastic from there, especially during sunset.


Apartamento Acijoa

Situated in central Los Cancajos, and is an apartment with an outdoor pool and in close range of the shops, restaurants, and cafes. This holiday rental is equipped with a kitchen and a living space with a flat-screen TV and satellite TV. This space is trendy due to its location, but also because of its cozy and minimal décor – especially popular among couples.

Apartamento Los Rosales

This holiday home is an apartment located just 400 meters from the Los Cancajos Beach and is a beautiful property surrounded by lush subtropical gardens. Guest are welcome to enjoy the outdoor pool, as well as the sun loungers and umbrellas. The décor is bright and pleasant, and the apartment is fitted with a kitchenette, which includes a microwave, fridge, and stove.

Appartamento Il Gabbiano

Appartamento Il Gabbiano is a beautiful beachside property, with a garden and a large outdoor pool. This one bedroom apartment has a kitchen, complete with a microwave and fridge, as well as a washing machine. It is only about 7 kilometers from the capital of La Palma, Santa Cruz de la Palma, and is popular due to its excellent location.

Apartamento Salinas 2

Also located in central Los Cancajos, Apartamento Salinas 2 is a 3-bedroom apartment with a pool and garden view. It has a balcony and a terrace, from which guests can enjoy the view while enjoying a bottle of wine. The kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, fridge, and a microwave, making it easy for visitors to enjoy preparing a home-cooked meal while on vacation.

Apartamentos La Caleta

Apartamentos La Caleta is a complex which was built with a traditional Canarian design in mind. It has a spacious subtropical garden, complete with a large outdoor swimming pool, lined with sun loungers. A bar and restaurant are on-site, which serves meals from breakfast until dinner. This complex also has a children’s pool, a play area, as well as a mini-golf course.

Restaurants / Bars

Pizzeria Restaurante Casablanca

For the best pizzas in Los Cancajos, there is only one place to go. Pizzeria Restaurante Casablanca serves a menu that is made exclusively of fresh ingredients. The portions are large and heart, with traditional pasta and pizza choices that are mouthwatering. Guests especially love the fact that each meal comes with a shot of limoncello at the end, as a digestive.

Ristorante Sadi

Ristorante Sadi is a traditional Mediterranean restaurant, serving delicious favorites in a lovely setting. The tomato soup is one of their specials here, which goes well with a portion of tagliatelle with mushrooms, and is best enjoyed when topped off with the chocolate mousse. The service is especially good at Ristorante Sadi, with waiters who are always in a good mood and exceptionally friendly.

Ristorante Sadi
Ristorante Sadi – © sadilapalma

Restaurant Mi Rincon

Restaurant Mi Rincon is a Spanish and European restaurant which offers a wide range of items, from pizzas to tapas and pasta. An outside terrace allows guests to dine al fresco, from which they can spend some time people-watching. The prices are excellent, and the portions generous, guaranteeing that one won’t walk away from their meal hungry here.

Bar Restaurante El Pulpo

El Pulpo is an excellent seafood restaurant and bar right by the beach. The menu features freshly caught fish daily, as well as classic Spanish tapas such as gambas al pil-pil and croquetas. The Galician style pulpo is one of the bestsellers on the menu, which goes well with a glass of white wine from their wine list. The prices here are fair, while the portions are generous, making it a great place to enjoy a hearty meal.

Casa Osmunda

A short drive outside of Los Cancajos, Casa Osmunda in Brena Alta is a top choice in the area and is definitely worth the little trip out of the town. Here they serve finely prepared Mediterranean and Spanish dishes and tapas and is an excellent spot for a romantic date. Here they serve perfectly cooked steaks in high-quality cuts, fresh tapas, and only the best local and Spanish wine.

Getting to Los Cancajos from the airport

When arriving at the Santa Cruz de la Palma Airport, visitors will have a few options for getting to Los Cancajos. One of these is by bus, which goes straight from the airport, to the town of Los Cancajos, taking only about 16 minutes.

Another option is for guests to rent a car from the airport, and simply make the short drive themselves. This option would make a lot of sense for those who plan to rent a car for their stay in La Palma. Taxis are also waiting outside the airport, for those who would prefer to take one into town – which is the easiest way to get here, but also the more costly option.