Strong winds and massive waves—there are plenty of those in Pozo Izquierdo. This town in Gran Canaria is considered the mecca for advanced windsurfers worldwide. One of the most laid-back seaside hamlets on the island, it also has a lesser-known, black-sand beach favored by locals and a warm atmosphere both on the water and dry land. So whether you are a rip lover or non-reef rubber, this is a great destination to visit if you want to relax and feel easy.

Why Visit Pozo Izquierdo

The Pozo Izquierdo beach and town belong to the municipality of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. Found in the southeast of Gran Canaria, north of La Punta, and close to El Callao Nuevo, it is one of the windiest areas of the island. The town, surrounded by white windmills and lush tomato farms, is modest, with only a little more than 800 residents living in a few strips of colorful sea-front houses.

Who would’ve thought that this off-the-beaten-path fishing village would be known as one of the great windsurf capitals of the world?From a coastal hamlet with a few free spirits seeking strong gusts of wind, it has become the home to PWA World Tour for the past 34 years and the annual Wind & Waves festival.

Besides being an excellent destination for adventure sports junkies, Pozo Izquierdo is a great chill-out place for those looking to unwind and relax. Its other beach, a small, sheltered black sand stretch, is the perfect spot for striking up conversations with the locals. You’ll also find a few cafes serving up big portions and lots of windsurfing schools and centers.

Continue reading for helpful information about visiting Pozo Izquierdo.

El Arenal: Windsurfing Beach

El Arenal, or Pozo Izquierdo Beach, is widely regarded as one of the finest spots on the planet for windsurfing.It’s not far from the main attractions of Gran Canaria and its glitzy, artificial golden sand beaches, but it certainly looks and feels a world apart. This unspoiled bay, which features rocks and black sand, is perfect for anyone seeking a more genuine Canarian experience.

In July, this area attracts top windsurfing athletes for the annual PWA Tour event, undeniably the most prestigious pro windsurfing circuit in the world. Big names such as Björn Dunkerbeck and the Ruano Moreno twins, Daida and Iballa, have been instrumental in spreading the word about this beach and the qualities the trade winds provide. Indeed, it’s a fantastic place to hone your windsurfing skills in various disciplines, including Freestyle, Wave, and Slalom.

The wind is often intense and blows from the left, requiring sails between 2.8 and 4 meters in length for optimal enjoyment. The waves can reach up to 3 meters high and rarely get smaller than a meter. For those who have mastered the basics of planing and jibing and are ready to advance to leaps and other aerial acrobatics, Pozo Izquierdo is the place to go.

Additional information about this fantastic spot for windsurfing are as follows:

Level: Intermediate to high

Best months to visit: May to September

Wind directions: North – North East

Currents: Medium to strong

Entrance and exit with stones

If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of protected areas nearby, even in the summer when the pros are out crushing the huge waves. You don’t have to be an expert to ride the waves there; however, you’ll need some skill if you plan on venturing out on days with high winds.

Pozo Izquierdo is a wind and kite surfing mecca with a full range of services, including schools, shops, and rentals for every need. Diving is also becoming very popular, giving vacationers another way to enjoy its pristine waters.

In contrast to Gran Canaria’s more popular beaches, the shingle beach offers few facilities. While there are no sun loungers, umbrellas, restrooms, or security personnel on duty, there are recently installed showers for washing or rinsing off salt water from your body. As a bonus, a new wooden solarium has been constructed on the left side dock, allowing for lying down and sunbathing away from the pebbles. Likewise, the sun lounge has stairs with rails so you can take a dip without setting foot on the beach.

Playa del Ribanzo: Black Sand Beach

Windsurfers and kite boarders have de facto claimed an entire Pozo Izquierdo beach. Fortunately, further to the north is the more intimate and secluded Playa del Ribanzo. The stretch of black sand beach is never extremely crowded, and the water is a perfect temperature for relaxing in and getting some relief from the heat. One potential drawback is that it is very stony, which can take some getting accustomed to. Getting into and out of the water can be an excruciatingly unpleasant experience if you do not have footwear suited for crossing the rocks.

Swimming is allowed in El Ribanzo as stone jetties protect the bay. It is not a good idea to swim out past the jetties since you run the risk of being struck by a windsurfer. It’s an excellent location to kill a few hours if you can find somewhere to sit that’s not too uncomfortable. In addition, there is a little bar close to the beach where one may have a refreshing drink or food.

Dining Options

This breezy coastal retreat is just as much about discovering the best restaurants to try as it is about finding big waves to ride, so if you enjoy eating—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—this is the perfect spot for you.

We’re at your service: These three restaurants in Pozo Izquierdo are fantastic dining destinations for a fusion of traditional Canarian, Spanish, and Mediterranean fare. Continue reading for our recommendations of the mouthwatering dishes you simply must sample before leaving this town.

If you find yourself in Pozo Izquierdo, we highly recommend eating at the following restaurants:

Restaurante Terraza El Viento

Head to Restaurante Terraza El Viento if you’re in the mood for perfectly cooked comfort foods, such as juicy burgers, pizzas, and seafood spaghetti. Delicious paellas, crispy fried Saharan squid, and light yet creamy cheesecake are the other must-tries on its menu.

The Pozo Izquierdo beach is adjacent to Restaurante Terraza El Viento, but is elevated above the sand. This optimal location gives guests in the outdoor seating area unobstructed views of the bay and the windsurfers bashing its waves. In addition, diners don’t just come here for the fantastic food made from fresh ingredients and vistas; the service is also of the highest caliber, making it a simple choice to stop in for a wonderful lunch or supper.

Bar Pozo

Vacationers searching for delicious, high-quality food at a reasonable price should stop by Bar Pozo. Conveniently close to the local-favorite Playa del Ribanzo, the modest restaurant specializes in chill-out vibes you can enjoy, along with ultra-tasty dishes and tranquil sea views.

Bar Pozo serves some of the freshest seafood you can find in the town and has an ample selection of other meat options. Make sure to sample the mixed paella. It is not to be missed! They also cook up really nice steaks, grilled limpets, grilled cheese, garlic prawns, and fried octopus that leave people smiling after every bite.

El Rincón de Pozo

El Rincón de Pozo is tucked away on a quiet street with spectacular views of the windmills rather than being close to either of the town’s two beaches. Once guests arrive,they will see that they have happened upon a cozy spot that never fails to enchant with excellent dishes.

The restaurant is famous for making amazing tapas and great cuts of steaks, suckling lamb, and sausages grilled over hot coals. Some other highlights from their traditional Spanish and Canarian menu are mouthwatering fried Saharan squid, padrón peppers, gofio escaldao, tapas, papas arrugadas with mojo sauce, potato omelet, and croquettes. All cooked to perfection! Their exquisite 5J Jamon Iberico, which you must sample with bread and tomato, is just to die for, and the old-fashioned egg custard is simply the way to end a meal.

How to Reach Pozo Izquierdo

By Car Rental or Taxi

Pozo Izquierdo is only over 10 minutes away from the Gran Canaria Airport and is along GC-1, a superhighway that links Las Palmas in the north to the towns in the south. From GC-1, exit 28 then Av. las Gaviotas connect the hamlet to the rest of the island.

There are plenty of rental companies at the airport and in Gran Canaria’s major tourist towns. Many hotels and some tourist establishments also offer a car hire option for the convenience of their guests. To avoid waiting long and ensure availability during high season, we recommend booking online in advance. This is the most trouble-free way to explore the island.

Vacationers can also hail a taxi to reach Pozo Izquierdo if they don’t feel like driving. It’s easy to flag one down in the streets and taxi ranks all over Gran Canaria’s primary towns, attractions, and shopping areas. If there’s a green light on, it signals that the taxi is on-duty and unoccupied. You may also book a cab via taxi apps or local taxi company websites.

By Bus

Currently, no bus line can bring holidaymakers directly to Pozo Izquierdo. However, Vecindario, the neighboring town that is only a few minutes away by taxi to Pozo Izquierdo, is directly served by the below-mentioned transit lines:

1 — Las Palmas – Puerto de Mogan

4 — Las Palmas de G.C. – Tablero de Maspalomas

5 — Las Palmas de G.C. – Maspalomas Lighthouse

8 — Las Palmas de G.C. Sanata Catalina – Doctoral

25 — Playa de Arinaga – Maspalomas Lighthouse

34 — San Bartolome de Tirajana – Aguimes – Doctoral

41 — Carrizal – Aguimes – Maspalomas Lighthouse

52 — Romeral Castle – Maspalomas Lighthouse

90 — Telde – Maspalomas Lighthouse

Please visit the Gran Canaria bus company’s site here for the most up-to-date timetables and fares.

Pozo Izquierdo: A Windsurfing Destination With Much to Offer

What are you looking for in your Gran Canariaholiday? If you’re a windsurfer, you’d love consistent blustery winds, big waves, and a lot of sunshine—the conditions that give freedom for neat tricks.

But how about vacationers looking to relax?

Pozo Izquierdo is a tranquil fishing village with much to offer; more than barrel waves, windsurfing schools, and rental shops. It boasts a mild year-round climate, a serene beach for swimming and unwinding, and a handful of great restaurants serving traditional Spanish and Canarian fare. This seaside town has the perfect ingredients for the ultimate windsurf adventure and is also a fantastic family destination that offers something for everybody.