Playa de Mogan is a secluded man-made beach at the foot of the ravine in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria’s “Little Venice.” Aside from the perfect golden sand and a year-round pleasant weather, the beach’s beauty lies in the myriad of activities it offers. It’s a go-to place for people who want to explore the beauty of the Atlantic in the Canary Islands. Crowning a charismatic village and close to a busy harbor, it’s no wonder why people choose this as the ultimate holiday destination in Spain.

Mogan Beach Gran Canaria
The Protected and Calm Waters of Playa de Mogan – ©nito500

The Beach Hugged by the Hill and the Port

Guests arriving at Playa de Mogan quickly understand why it is one of the most popular beach options on the island. Through the harbor, they are greeted by the golden Saharan sand and ever calm waters. While exploring the town, they get lost in the old elegance of white-washed houses.

Opposite the beach is a steep ravine which protects the shore and is a fantastic view in itself. The coast is also protected by the harbor wall, as well as a reef that keeps the waters tranquil and free from waves. On the port side, the waters are lined with rental ships waiting to sail.

A network of bridges and canals further defines Puerto de Mogan. Getting off the beach and heading to the town, guests also find plenty of cafes, shops, and accommodations in its modern promenade. Walking farther, two-story houses with plant-embellished balconies and rooftops exude unmistakable colonial artistry.

Be it in the water or on the shore, the adventures this beach offers are bound to be memorable for tourists.

Things to Do

Playa de Mogan, set in a beautiful fishing village, has plenty of activity choices.

Swimming, Strolling and Sunset Watching

In the gold and sandy beach of Mogan, the little ones run around while the adults get their summer tan. Sun lounges, parasols, and more are available for rent, while snack bars are accessible from the beach. Before night falls, climbing the stony ravine allows for a breathtaking view of the town, and the classic colors of the sky as the golden sun sets in the deep blue Atlantic.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkelers find the waters in Puerto de Mogan teeming with fishes in all sizes and colors. Just swim to the end of the beach at the breakwater and venture into the pebbles and off the coast. For those who want to learn scuba diving, they can take lessons from any of the dive centers based here.

Boat Tours and Dolphin/Whale Spotting

Too tired to get in the water but still want to witness marine life in Mogan? The best way is to join a boating tour. Prices may vary, but companies like Blue M Boat Trips charge around 60€ for a spectacular 5-hour trip, inclusive of food and drinks, and fare to and from the hotel.

Whale Spotting in Gran Canaria
Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Spot Whales and Dolphins – ©albertoloyo

Riding the Yellow Submarine

While in town, never miss the chance to go underwater and ride the legendary yellow submarine. It’s a treat the whole family always enjoy. Underwater, passengers encounter schools of fishes, various plants, sea creatures, and even shipwrecks. Divers might even say hi while on their way. Book in advance online and watch out for discounted rates.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

Many people from all over the world wait for the best time of the year before heading to the harbors of Mogan to fish. Out in the deep blue Atlantic, on board fishing boats, fishers could catch tuna, blue marlin, and other deep sea fishes.

Exploring the Town

A trip to Playa de Mogan is incomplete without catching a glimpse of the quaint little town just beyond the shore. Guests get warped into the 15th century as houses in Spanish architecture line up its alleys. Go people watching or simply relax while sipping a refreshing cup of coffee in one of the cafes. Or head to the market on Fridays and get the freshest fishes and vegetables for your next meal.

How to Get There

There are a couple of ways one could get to Mogan and enjoy its rare beauty. Travelers may rent a car, take a cab, ride the bus or go through the seaport.

Mogan is about 40 kilometers southwest of the capital city of Las Palmas. The drive, passing through the GC-1 motorway, would take a little over an hour. The GPS coordinates of Playa de Mogan is 27°49’0″ North, 15°46’0″ West. When taking a cab, make sure to have a change of at least 50€. By bus, take no. 91 from Las Palmas.

When transferring from one port to another within the island, a ferry boat is the best way to go. For instance, one could grab tickets from the ports of Puerto Rico and then board a ship that would directly dock at the harbor in Mogan.

Playa de Mogan is a Window to the Atlantic

Set in one of the most visited fishing villages in Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogan, it’s undeniable that Playa de Mogan is a gem of a beach.

It’s not often to come across a man-made beach that offers countless activities in every corner. More than a good swim in its clear shallow waters, or a beautiful stroll in its strip of fine sand, it gives visitors a ticket to explore authentic Canarian culture within its quiet old town.

But more than anything else, Mogan takes guests to adventures in the Atlantic. Its harbors await those who wish to come face to face with nature’s splendor under the sea. All these are possible while staying in one of the comfortable and luxurious accommodations at the seafront.

Needless to say, Playa de Mogan is a beach not to be missed in the Canaries.