Tucked away in a scenic valley in the inland part of Maspalomas, south of Gran Canaria, Palmitos Park is more than just a zoo—it’s a vibrant sanctuary where the natural world bursts into life. This enchanting park, a stone’s throw from the golden beaches and bustling resorts, offers a unique blend of botanical beauty, exotic wildlife, and engaging shows that promise an unforgettable day out for travelers of all stripes. Are you a nature lover eager to explore the lush gardens and diverse ecosystems, a family looking for a fun and educational experience, or a solo adventurer on the hunt for that perfect, Instagram-worthy shot? Palmitos Park has something special in store for you, and we’re diving into what makes it a must-visit destination.

Dolphins in Palmitos Park
Dolphins in Palmitos Park – ©hamik

From Aviary to Oasis

Opening its doors to the public in 1978, Palmitos Park started as a modest aviary, housing a diverse collection of exotic birds. Its initial concept was simple yet captivating: to offer a sanctuary for bird life amidst the stunning backdrop of the Canary Islands.

As visitors began to flock to the park, drawn by the allure of its feathered inhabitants and the promise of a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle, Palmitos Park’s founders saw an opportunity to expand their vision. Over the years, the park has undergone significant transformations, evolving into a comprehensive botanical and zoological garden spanning over 20 hectares of lush landscapes.

The journey of Palmitos Park is a tale of resilience and growth. In 2007, the park faced its most challenging ordeal when a massive wildfire swept through the island, causing extensive damage to its facilities and habitats. However, the spirit of Palmitos Park could not be quenched by the flames. With a strong commitment to its mission and the support of the local community, the park underwent a period of intense restoration and rebuilding. In 2008, it reopened its gates, stronger and more vibrant than ever, with new attractions and improved facilities.

Palmitos Park Main Attractions


Dolphins are among the most fascinating animals in the world, inspiring countless tales of their mysterious bond with humans and heroic acts at sea. There seems to be a natural affinity between us and these intelligent creatures, one that both intrigues and delights. 

At the Palmitos Park Dolphinarium, not only do we get the opportunity to witness these magnificent animals up close, but for an extra fee, a limited number of visitors (16 per session) can also immerse themselves in a truly unforgettable experience. Accompanied by a trainer, you’ll have the chance to get into the water with the dolphins, learning about their behaviors, biology, and the conservation efforts to protect them. This intimate encounter allows you to touch, stroke, and even pose for photographs with the dolphins, creating memories perfect for sharing with friends and followers on social media.

The Dolphinarium is home to six bottlenose dolphins and boasts a large complex equipped with three swimming pools. Regularly, the stage comes alive with exhilarating shows that captivate over a thousand people, showcasing the remarkable abilities of these friendly marine inhabitants. This unique blend of entertainment, education, and hands-on interaction makes the dolphinarium one of the best and most popular attractions at Palmitos Park, offering visitors a deeper connection with the natural world.

Exhibition Schedule
Dolphins: 13:30 to 16:00


Our scuba-diving friends often regale us with tales of their underwater encounters, including close calls with venomous fish. Luckily, at Palmitos Park, you don’t need to don a wetsuit to come face-to-face with the intriguing Scorpionfish.

The Aquarium at Palmitos Park is cleverly divided into zones, catering to both saltwater and freshwater species, ensuring a diverse and fascinating experience for all visitors. This thoughtful arrangement allows families, especially those with curious kids, to enjoy an underwater adventure without getting their feet wet.

Visiting Hours
Aquarium: 10:00 to 18:00


Birds, perhaps the most elusive of all animals on the earth’s surface, captivate us with their freedom and variety. Unlike dogs, which might eagerly approach for attention, birds usually maintain a graceful distance. However, at Palmitos Park, the experience is uniquely different. Here, you can marvel at over a thousand species and have the rare opportunity to interact with some of these feathered wonders up close.

Strolling through the Aviary is an absolute visual delight. The long, winding paths, framed by lush, tree-lined routes, offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, creating a serene backdrop for your exploration. Imagine the thrill of encountering birds in all their vibrant glory, from the subtle hues of a shy parakeet to the flamboyant pink of a flamingo standing just a stone’s throw away. Such moments promise to leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Palmitos Park isn’t just about traditional avian encounters; it’s also home to the largest Butterfly House in Europe, where hundreds of colorful butterflies flutter in a delicately balanced ecosystem, adding a whimsical touch to your visit.

But the true highlight for many is the Birds of Prey show, an awe-inspiring experience that brings you face-to-face with nature’s skilled hunters. Witnessing these majestic creatures swoop and soar against the backdrop of the park’s natural beauty is not just entertaining but profoundly moving. It’s a powerful reminder of the wonders of the natural world and the incredible skills honed by these birds over millennia.

Griffon Vulture in Flight at the Palmitos Park
Griffon Vulture in Flight at the Palmitos Park – ©trevorbenbrook

Coupled with the charm and humor of the interactive show, featuring remarkably clever parrots alongside a variety of other animals, both avian and non-avian, where fascinating zoo residents showcase an array of tricks, Palmitos Park offers an unrivaled blend of fun, beauty, and awe-inspiring moments.

Exhibition and Show Schedule

Interactive Show: 10:30, 13:00, and 16:45

Birds of Prey: 11:30, 15:00

Exotic Birds: 14:30

Visiting Hours

House of Butterflies: 10:00 to 18:00


Step into a world of scales and tails in the Reptile Section at Palmitos Park, where an intriguing array of reptilian inhabitants awaits your discovery. This part of the park offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the planet’s most captivating creatures, from the sun-loving Mali Uromastyx with its spiky appearance to the vibrant Eastern Blue-Tongued Skink, famous for its strikingly colored tongue.

Not to be missed are the tortoises, including the wise-looking Hermann’s Tortoise and the robust Spur-Thighed Tortoise, each moving at their own leisurely pace, along with the sociable Red-Eared Slider, basking in the warmth. For those drawn to the serpentine, the Royal Python and the impressively large Burmese Python showcase the mesmerizing beauty and power of snakes. Meanwhile, the Green Iguana and the Red-Footed Tortoise add a dash of vibrant color and personality to the mix.

The addition of the Komodo Dragon, the largest living species of lizard, known for its formidable size and prehistoric appearance, elevates the experience, offering a rare glimpse into the life of this incredible predator.

Each species presents a unique window into the diverse world of reptiles, making the Reptile Section a must-visit for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone curious about these ancient creatures.

Reptiles in Palmitos Park
Reptiles – Image Powered by fotografiasdegrancanaria.com


No zoo visit is complete without marveling at the diverse range of mammals that call it home, and Palmitos Park is no exception. As you meander through the park, you’re introduced to an array of mammals, each with unique charm and appeal.

One of the park’s highlights is a fascinating area known as Primate Island, a sanctuary for some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Here, Orangutans and Gibbons reside, offering a glimpse into the lives of our distant relatives or ancestors, depending on your perspective on evolutionary science. It’s a chance to observe their complex behaviors, social interactions, and maybe even catch a glimpse of their playful side.

The meerkat exhibit is an absolute must-see for families, especially the little ones. Immortalized by the character Timon in “The Lion King,” meerkats are known for their spirited and comedic nature. Observing these charismatic animals in real life, with their lively antics and social dynamics, provides an entertaining and educational experience that truly brings the magic of the movies to life.

Botanical Garden

Strolling through the zoo feels like taking a leisurely walk through a lush garden, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature at every turn.

For enthusiasts of all things botanical, the House of Butterflies-Orchids boasts the most extensive collection of orchids in the Canaries, adding vibrant splashes of color to the park’s landscape. It’s a treat for garden lovers, offering a mesmerizing display of these exquisite flowers in all their glory.

And let’s not forget about the Cactus Garden, where hundreds of different cactus species thrive in harmony with their surroundings. These resilient plants add diversity to the environment and provide a refreshing contrast to the sea of greenery, offering visitors a unique and visually captivating experience.

Botanical Garden Palmitos Park
Botanical Garden

Entrance Fees and Operating Hours

Planning a visit to Palmitos Park? Here’s all you need to know about our entrance fees and operating hours to make your visit as smooth as it can be!

Non-Resident Tickets

1-Day Ticket: Starting at just €13.00 for a day of adventure and exploration.

Flexiticket: Love flexibility? For as low as €13.00, buy now and choose your visit day later.

2 Parks Tickets: Double the fun! Get access to both Palmitos Park and Aqualand Maspalomas starting from €19.00.

Family Pack: Bringing the squad? The package for 2 adults and 2 kids starts from €118.00.

Friends Pack: Out with the adults? Grab 4 tickets for €136.00 and save on your group adventure.

Resident Tickets

1-Day Ticket: Residents can enjoy a special rate starting from €9.00.

Flexiticket: Also available for residents at €9.00, offering the same great flexibility.

2 Parks Ticket: Explore Palmitos Park and Aqualand Maspalomas with the resident special from just €14.50.

No matter when you decide to visit, Palmitos Park is open year-round from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with admission available until 5:00 p.m.

How to Get There

Getting to Palmitos Park is a breeze, whether you’re driving yourself or opting for public transport. Here’s what you need to know to make your journey as smooth as possible:


For those who prefer the flexibility of driving, simply input the GPS coordinates 27º49’ 53” N 15º37’ 04” W into your navigation system. These coordinates will guide you directly to the park, allowing you to enjoy the scenic views along the way at your own pace.

Public Buses:

If you’re staying in one of the nearby towns or resorts and prefer to leave the driving to someone else, there are convenient public bus options available:

From Bahia Feliz, Playa de Ingles, and San Agustin, hop on bus number 45, which will take you straight to the park.

If you’re coming from Puerto de Mogan, Puerto Rico, Amadores, Maspalomas, or Campo Internacional, you’ll want to catch bus number 70.

Both bus services offer a reliable and stress-free way to reach Palmitos Park, allowing you to sit back, relax, and perhaps even make new friends along the way.

Traveler Tips

Heading to Palmitos Park? Here are some traveler tips to ensure you have the best experience exploring this tropical paradise:

Arrive Early: Beat the crowds and the heat by arriving right at opening time. This gives you a cooler, more peaceful start to your day and the chance to enjoy the attractions before it gets too busy.

Comfortable Footwear is Key: With plenty of ground to cover, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking a lot, and the right footwear will make all the difference.

Stay Hydrated: The Canarian sun can be pretty intense, even on seemingly mild days. Keep a water bottle on hand, and stay hydrated throughout your visit.

Pack a Hat and Sunscreen: Protect yourself from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and high SPF sunscreen. Reapply your sunscreen throughout the day to stay protected.

Explore at Your Own Pace But Plan Ahead: There’s a lot to see, from exotic birds to mesmerizing aquariums. Don’t rush. But to make the most of your visit, it’s a good idea to know the schedule of the shows in advance. This way, you can plan your day around them, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything and still enjoy the park at a leisurely pace.

Bring a Camera: You’ll encounter plenty of photo-worthy moments, from vibrant orchids to playful meerkats. Make sure your camera or smartphone is aptly charged and ready to capture these memories.

Consider Meal Times: Plan ahead if you intend to eat in the park. Restaurants can get busy, so eating a little earlier or later than usual can help you avoid the rush.

Check for Discounts: Look online for any available discounts or deals on tickets, especially if you’re visiting with family or a group.

Stay Eco-Friendly: Respect the park’s environment by disposing of trash properly and using recycling bins. Palmitos Park is home to many species, and keeping it clean helps everyone.


Are there any restrictions or important rules to know about?

Visiting Palmitos Park is an exciting experience, but like any attraction, there are certain rules and restrictions in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors, as well as the welfare of the animals. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Animal Interactions: Direct interaction with most animals is restricted to protect both the animals and guests. Special interactive experiences, such as with the dolphins, are closely supervised by trained professionals.

Feeding Animals: Feeding the animals is generally prohibited unless part of a supervised activity. Unauthorized feeding can harm the animals’ health.

Smoking Policy: Smoking is restricted to designated areas to ensure the comfort and safety of all visitors and to maintain a clean environment.

Photography: Photography is usually allowed, but flash photography may be prohibited in certain areas, such as the aquarium or during shows, to prevent disturbing the animals.

Pet Policy: Pets are not allowed inside the zoo to guarantee the safety and well-being of both the resident animals and the pets themselves.

You should check Palmitos Park’s official website or get in touch with them directly before your visit for the latest information on restrictions and rules. This ensures that you have a smooth, enjoyable visit with no surprises.

Is Palmitos Park accessible for wheelchairs and those with limited mobility?

Palmitos Park is committed to ensuring that all guests, including those with wheelchairs or limited mobility, can enjoy their visit comfortably and safely. The park has been designed with accessibility in mind, offering a range of facilities and services to accommodate guests with special needs:

Pathways and Access: Most of the park’s pathways are paved and designed to be wheelchair-friendly, allowing easy access to most exhibits and attractions. However, some areas may have steeper inclines or steps due to the park’s natural landscape. It’s advisable to check with park staff about accessible routes.

Restrooms: Accessible restrooms, designed to accommodate visitors with disabilities, are available throughout the park.

Seating Areas: The park provides various seating areas where guests can rest if needed. These are accessible and spaced throughout the park for convenience.

Assistance: Staff members at Palmitos Park are available to assist guests with special needs. If you require special accommodations or have specific questions, it’s a good idea to contact the park ahead of your visit to inform them of your needs and plan your day accordingly.

While Palmitos Park strives to be as accessible as possible, it’s recommended that visitors with significant mobility challenges or those requiring a wheelchair contact the park in advance. This will help ensure you have all the information needed for a comfortable and enjoyable visit, including details about any areas that might be more difficult to access and advice on making the most of your time at the park.

Can I bring food inside Palmitos Park?

Yes, visitors are more than welcome to bring their own food and drink into Palmitos Park, making it convenient for those who prefer to enjoy their own snacks or have specific dietary requirements. However, it’s important to note that access with glass containers is prohibited for safety reasons. This policy helps ensure a safe environment for all visitors, so please pack your items in plastic containers or other non-glass alternatives. With this in mind, you can plan your visit knowing you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy your own food and beverages at your leisure while exploring the park.

Palmitos Park is Truly a Place to See

Exploring many of nature’s wondrous creations seldom happen in just a single day. But at Palmitos Park, that is what visitors experience. It’s inviting and peaceful environment is home to exotic and delicate wildlife, animals we might never have a chance to see again.

The park is a break from the usual beach attractions all over the Canaries. In only half a day, this is where we could feast upon the beauty of animals from South Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world.

More than sightseeing, it is also the intention of the park to educate and enlighten us on the amazing creatures they have. Here, we discover more about the world share with.