Puerto de Mogan is a world-class resort with many glorious vistas. What can be seen on the surface, though, isn’t all that it has to offer. Hidden beneath its glistening waters are captivating spectacles and aquatic species. And, through the Golden Shark Yellow Submarine, they get the audience they so deserve.

Yellow Submarine Gran Canaria
The Famous Gran Canaria Yellow Submarine – ©philipus

The Early Years of Underwater Tourism

Atlántida Submarine SL spearheaded Puerto de Mogan’s deep-sea tourism in 1997. Through the Finnish submarine Golden Salmon, exploring its marine charms became possible. It had a good run (or shall we say dive?) for several years. But, to make sure top-notch service is always provided, it was replaced with a modern one.

The Golden Shark is a third generation Finnish submarine made primarily for tourism. Aside from its large windows, this Mark III model is also equipped with external cameras. Whether it be through window panes or TV monitors, passengers won’t miss a single sight.

The Gran Canaria Yellow Submarine Adventure

Every spectacle under Puerto de Mogan’s waters is worthy of attention. Its marine life, shipwrecks, and even the divers swimming around are amusing to watch. Unless one knows how to dive, though, these wonders can only be witnessed via the Golden Shark. And, what an awe-inspiring experience it is.

On the Surface

The adventure begins at Puerto de Mogan’s south dock. As the Yellow Submarine ride is quite a hot activity in the resort, expect company. Don’t worry though. It may look pretty small from the outside. But, like an iceberg, much of it is submerged under water.

Before boarding the underwater craft, passengers get to meet their guide. Once inside, they are also introduced to the other crew for a quick orientation. Then, the 40 to 45-minute adventure down to the bottom of the ocean begins.

Dive into the Deep Blue

The maximum depth of the site is only 25 meters. The Golden Shark, though, can dive down to 75 meters. Hence, it can handle the journey with ease. As if diving in a gigantic aquarium, the experience can be quite surreal and, not to mention, exhilarating.

Often spotted are schools of bastard grunts, bluefishes, damselfishes, grey mullets, parrotfishes, pipefishes, wrasse, and zebra breams. Also, anticipate the scene when the fishes go wild once loads of fish food are released. Although fish-feeding is a controversial subject, it is a small price to pay in exchange for bringing awareness of the marine environment. Even as curious onlookers set sight on these beautiful creatures, they are also as fascinated with the strange Yellow Submarine passing by.

Bastard Grunts
An Otherworldly Sight of Bastard Grunts – ©aquafun

A highlight of the underwater exploration is visiting at least one shipwreck. Tragic as it is, it is also beautiful. As the Yellow Submarine approaches the site, the wreck dramatically appears for all to see. There also might be scuba divers around. Unexpectedly, they too are fascinating to watch.

Back on Land

After the submarine excursion, it is time to take a tour of “Little Venice.” The charming village with gorgeous architecture and canals is fantastic for sauntering. And, for picture-perfect moments, the whitewashed buildings make the best backdrop. Adorned with floras of different hues, they are simple yet stunning. A perfect embodiment of “simplicity is beauty.” Under the beautiful Gran Canaria sun, a visit to this old small fishing town is the best way to end a trip.

Fees and Additional Details

The Gran Canaria underwater excursion via the Yellow Submarine, Golden Shark, runs daily. It departs the jetty at 8:00 am, 11:00 am, and 1:00 pm. From Amadores, Arguineguin, Bahia Feliz, Maspalomas, Meloneras, Playa de Taurito, Playa del Cura, Playa del Ingles, Puerto Rico, and San Agustin, adventure seekers can book the trip along with the bus shuttle to Puerto de Mogan.

The price of tickets for adults is 28.35€ and 14.40€ for children ages two to twelve. As for residents, they get 20% discount. The fee includes an English and German speaking guide, the 40 to 45-minute long underwater excursion, and a walking tour of Puerto Mogan. Other services such as food, drinks, hotel pickup, and drop off are not included.

Traveler Tips

24 hours before the start of the tour, call the company to confirm the details. In this phone call, any time changes (usually due to the weather) will be mentioned.

To get into and out of the submarine, passengers must use a steep ladder. The deep-sea excursion is not for those with mobility difficulties.

Do not forget to bring and present the booking voucher together with a valid photo ID to the tour guide. For any concerns before the trip, the contact details are on the confirmation voucher.

Passengers who prefer to go directly to the departure point must arrive 15 minutes early.

Although rarely, tours may be canceled due to weather or operational reasons. Should this happen, the company will contact the passengers and offer alternatives.

The tour does not include nor offer food or drinks. Don’t fret though. Puerto de Mogan is home to plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Passengers may tank up before or after the excursion.

Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria
Never Go Hungry in the Small Fishing Town of Puerto de Mogan – ©gumbao

How to Get There

As the island’s airport is in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, most tourists are coming from here. To reach Puerto de Mogan via public transport, take bus line 1. Throughout the day, it comes along every 20 minutes. Do note, though, that a line 1 bus stops at every bus stop or station up to its final destination. It can take up to two hours to reach Puerto de Mogan. For those who want to see the east and south coast, hop right in.

For those who will travel by car from the capital or airport, just follow GC-1 motorway. On Exit 68, turn left onto GC-200. With a travel time of only 40 minutes, this is the fastest way to reach Puerto de Mogan.

A Yellow Submarine Kind of Journey

Some say, “It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.”

“It’s about who you travel with,” others think.

And, both cannot be truer than on board the Golden Shark.

Under the glimmering waters of Puerto de Mogan are displays of beauty that must be seen. The many different types of fishes that swim around are like explosions of colors. Eyes sparkle in happiness and smiles cannot be contained at the very sight of them. Witnessing the shipwrecks are a sight to behold, and they evoke emotions in slow motion. For 45 minutes, all the passengers share the same feelings and one extraordinary experience.

All those in one short trip to the deep blue on the Yellow Submarine. Truly, the Golden Shark is most definitely the next best thing after diving.