Stunning is the word that best describes Jandia Peninsula’s shoreline. Set in the Pajara municipality, many of Fuerteventura‘s magnificent coastal offerings are here. The most notable of them all is the old-meets-new town of Morro Jable. With its majestic white sand, unbelievable beauty, and essential amenities, tourists need only focus on their vacation and their tan.

The White Sand and Azure Waters of Morro Jable, Fuerteventura
The finest of sand and bluest of blue in Morro Jable – ©trike27


It’s all thanks to the French, who was the first invader of the island, that the waterfront paradise has a somewhat unique and catchy sounding name. Having emerged from the word “sable”, which means sand, it became “Jable” in the course of time.

Although conquistadors have walked on this ravishing stretch way before the annexation of the Canaries, the town was not established until the 1900s. Even then, it remained isolated and with a small population that hugely depended on the abundant sea. With such spectacular beaches, though, it’s destined to be so much more than a fishing village.

Developers first set their eyes on the white sandy shore with clear blue waters in the 70s and 80s. Hotels soon rose, and a road replaced the dirt track that led to the new resort. Since then, Morro Jable has been known all over Europe as one best destination in the Canary Islands.

Why Visit Morro Jable

Some say Corralejo rules the north while Morro Jable reigns in the south. Others suggest for British to visit the prior and Germans (or German speakers) to wander in the latter. There is, as a matter of fact, some truth in those statements.

Indeed, Fuerteventura’s southwestern oasis is a favorite among Germans. There are even road signs and menus in their language. Its world-class facilities and friendly locals, though, welcome every nationality. It also goes neck and neck with the top tourist havens in the whole archipelago, not only Corralejo.

Playa del Matorral

Better known as Morro Jable Beach, Playa del Matorral is the main attraction of the resort. Waving in its 4,325-meter-long and 60-meter-wide seaboard is a Blue Flag certification. For vacationers with sky-high standards in sand, safety, and sanitation, feel free to add this oceanfront on the must-visit list.

While basking in the Canary sun, tourists can likewise engage in various water sports. Besides swimming, the bright azure waters is suitable for windsurfing and diving as well. Along with the strong wind, there’s a handful of board rental shops and schools for those who want to try the former. On the other hand, the El Veril Grande and Veril Chico captivate divers from all over the globe.

Faro de Morro Jable, the Whale Skeleton, and the Nudist Beach

Never less than picturesque, Faro de Morro Jable has become one of the symbols of the harbor town. When in the mood for walks, do saunter by the emblematic tower especially during sunset. Regardless of the time, though, the views around it and with it are always dramatic. Other features of the tourist area are also found near the lighthouse. On its north are the nudist beach (non-nudist on its south) and the sperm whale skeleton.

Faro de Morro Jable
The ever so enthralling Faro de Morro Jable – ©pkazmierczak

Saladar de Jandía

Jandia Natural Park is a protected area that pretty much covers the whole peninsula. Among its parade of marvels is Saladar de Jandía. Partially submerged in sea water during high tide, the marsh is home to many species of birds and lizards. Donkeys and squirrels also freely roam around. Watching them watch curious visitors is an amusing activity by itself.

A Donkey Freely Roaming in the Morro Jable Part of Jandia Natural Park
A freely roaming donkey enjoying Saladar de Jandía -©martinh76

Puerto de Morro Jable and the Turtle Nursery

Set right at the bay on a foot of a mountain, Puerto de Morro Jable enjoys a beautiful view of both the sea and inland. Most boat trips start and end here, but it’s also a place for a short stroll away from the crowd. Those who take pleasure in peacefully watching birds and fishes can do so here. Visitors can also drop by the turtle nursery near the port. For a few Euros, they can see and help support the conservation of the loggerhead sea turtles.

Playa de las Coloradas

Cloistered by colorful cliffs, Las Coloradas Beach is for wanderers who crave tranquility. It is rarely busy and mostly only frequented by locals. For when visitors want a picnic in this hidden Eden by the sea, there are brick BBQs at their disposal. They may also swim and snorkel as there are hardly any waves in this part of the resort.

The Secluded Playa de Las Coloradas of Morro Jable
Get away from it all in the secluded Playa de Las Coloradas – ©gevision

Shopping Areas

For a little retail therapy (or maybe a lot!), head to the streets of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and Diputado Senador Velázquez Cabrera. As they are side by side, shoppers won’t even have a hard time going through both. From beach vacay must-haves to the souvenirs to bring home and everything in between, these two lanes have it.

Getting To Morro Jable

By Bus

There are plenty of buses that lead or pass by Morro Jable, so there’s undoubtedly one near wherever tourists are. Bus line 01 departs Puerto del Rosario every hour. Also hailing from the capital, bus line 10, stops at the airport four times a day and takes the coastal route. Bus numbers 04 and 09 are for those in Pajara, while 05 is from Costa Calma and 25 is from La Lajita. Bus line 111, on the other hand, goes around Morro Jable, Cofete, then Punta de Jandia.

By Car

Holidaymakers who wish to go by car can do so with ease. From capital or the airport, they only need to follow FV-2 until they reach the wonderful harbor town. Should they find road signs along the way that says “Jandia”, fear not as they are on the right track. In Fuerteventura and among many tourists, Morro Jable is also known as “Jandia”.

Where to Stay

There’s an overabundance of accommodations available in Morro Jable. What’s more, there’s hardly any that can’t offer tremendous panoramas. With the Jandia Natural Park and the vast blue sea ringing an already beautiful town, there’s scenery to admire even from the windows.

Temporary Abodes for the Morro Jable Vacationers
Traditional Canarian Abodes for the Morro Jable Vacationers -©pkazmierczak

All waterfront and just a two-minute walk away from the astounding beach, these commercial properties receive a deluge of praises. For an adults-only hotel, the Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace is a phenomenal choice. All their rooms have a balcony with views of the gardens, pools or sea. Families traveling with kids, on the other hand, will love the Villamar Hotel. Their units have a seating area and a semi-equipped kitchen. Some also have a dining area and/or a balcony. As for tourists who prefer an apartment, they won’t go wrong with Atalaya de Jandía. Along with furnished terraces, guests can make use of the onsite sauna and pool.

Where to Eat

Good food is vital in our daily lives, and that includes vacations. Morro Jable, of course, has a long list of great restaurants to offer as all tourist meccas should. Unlike the others, though, fine dining establishments here have a reasonable price.

Dining by the Sea
A dining experience that satisfies both the palate and the eyes -©pkazmierczak

La Bodega de Jandia is the town’s most exceptional restaurant and one of the simplest too. Uncomplicated from the place itself to the plates they serve, they let their dishes of Spanish cuisine like stuffed peppers, gambas pil pil, and calamari do the talking. For a taste of traditional Canarian goodness, go to Mis Abuelos and try their goat stew, pescado, and tapas. To beat the heat and satisfy sweet cravings, head to Eisdealer for some chilled delights. Known to have the ace of all Jable’s smoothies and ice cream, their customers can’t stop gushing.

The Enchanter

Where the Natural and the Artificial are in Harmony
The glorious stretch of white sand meeting the whitewashed town and the blue sea – ©industryandtravel

The town of Morro Jable and its landscape are genuinely fascinating. Evident in its streets is the harmonious mix of traditional and trendy. Past the bricks and mortar is the natural park’s unique and beautiful terrain. Beyond the beautiful white sand is the bluest of blue waters.

Some may say, “Well, that’s not new.” And, it’s true. It is a natural wonder that never gets old, and it is as enchanting today as it was decades ago.