La Oliva in Fuerteventura is a traditional agricultural small town in the northern part of the island. In 1836 the humble municipality of La Oliva became the capital of Fuerteventura, a title which it lost in 1860. During this time, many historical buildings were built, which still stand today. La Oliva is surrounded by volcanic rock formations and mountains and is an excellent place for outdoor exploration.

Weather in La Oliva

The weather in La Oliva can feel a little hotter than in the coastal areas of Fuerteventura because it is more in-land. The hottest months during the year are usually between July and September, with temperatures rising to around 25°C and above. In the winter months, temperatures may drop to between 15°C and 22°C, making it a much milder temperature than in the rest of Europe.

Casa de Los Coroneles
Casa de Los Coroneles – @ lacasadeloscoroneles

Things to do

La Oliva is known for its many outdoor activities, as it is an area surrounded by volcanic landscapes perfect for exploring via foot or bike. There are also several museums depicting the municipality’s history, with many things one can learn about the island’s agricultural and architectural history especially.

Casa de Los Coroneles

Also known as the House of the Colonels, Casa de Los Coroneles is a majestic home where the island’s colonel resided. Today, it is an art gallery with historical artifacts and artworks on display. It was constructed in the 17th century and is known as one of the most important architectural works in the Canaries, due to its stunning Canarian-Andalusian style.

Montana de Tindaya

The Montana de Tindaya is a spectacular mountain in La Oliva – a sacred place to the aboriginal people of the Canary Islands. It is made of a Trachyte rock, which is much lighter than the volcanic rocks which surround it. Paths are leading up the mountain; however, the pathway isn’t finished, so it doesn’t go all the way up. It is an excellent hiking spot for those looking for outdoor activities in the La Oliva area.

Centro de Arte – Casa Mane

The Center of Art “Casa Mane” is a culturally enriching way to spend an afternoon in La Oliva. Outdoor sculptures decorate the gardens outside the museum, which can be discovered while taking a walk around the grounds. Inside the center, there is artwork made of different mediums, with exhibitions often held here, showcasing various artists’ work.

Museo del Grano “La Cilla”

Fuerteventura used to be known as the “Granary of the Canary Islands”, due to its abundant agricultural history. However, as the land’s health wasn’t managed well at the time, the soil lost its health, which is why it is now dry and arid. This museum shows Fuerteventuras agricultural past, with traditional gran farming techniques and old farm images being displayed and showcased.

Calderon Hondo

The Calderon Hondo is a volcano, which is easily accessed via a pathway off the road. A viewing platform is where one can safely view the volcano, with a path around the volcano from which visitors can take photos. The walk from the road to the volcano only takes about 45 minutes, which is even more enjoyable due to the spectacular views. Chipmunks run wild near the peak, often coming close to the tourists to say hello and sometimes beg for snacks.


Hotel Boutique Oasis Casa Vieja

This charming hotel made of the ruins of a country home is an authentic choice for hotels in the La Oliva area. The historic house has been restored fully in the old Canarian style it was originally built in, while the interiors are modern and minimal. The hotel is surrounded by lush gardens, with a restaurant which offers indoor and outdoor dining to its guests.

Hotel Boutique Oasis Casa Vieja
Hotel Boutique Oasis Casa Vieja – @ oasiscasavieja

Villa Vistamar

Villa Vistamar in La Oliva is a beautiful villa with a private swimming pool, with a subtropical garden surrounding it. The villa has 4 bedrooms, a living area with a flat-screen TV and cable channels, a fully equipped kitchen and two bathrooms with a bath. A barbecue area allows guests to enjoy al-fresco grilling, while a game room with a billiards table provides for more entertainment.


A beautiful holiday rental, the Sunbeach apartment is a cozy home with two bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. It has a large terrace, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. A washing machine is available in the apartment, for their guest’s convenience. This area of La Oliva is close to many hiking spots and beautiful landscapes which can also be explored via bicycle.

Casilla Holidays

This beautiful holiday apartment features pool views and a sun terrace, where guests can take in the sun on a summer day. Casilla Holidays has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living space with a satellite TV and a fully functional kitchen. It is only 12 kilometers from the Los Charcos beach but is surrounded by hiking spots, mountains, and volcanic rocks.

Casa Mimar

Casa Mimar is a splendid apartment available for rental in La Oliva. It is exquisitely decorated with modern and minimal furniture, with lots of space and light. This apartment has a garden and a terrace, as well as two bedrooms and one bathroom. The location of Casa Miramar is ideal as it is close to the bars and restaurants, a perfect home for those who prefer to stay more central.

Restaurants / Bars

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling is a Scandinavian and international bistro with classic favorites such as sizzling prawns and Caprese salads, served in tapas-style. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced, and the wine menu allows guests to choose just the right bottle for their meal. Guests who keep coming back to the Ugly Duckling rave about the establishment’s owner especially, who they say is friendly and welcoming, making their stay a delight.

Casa Marzia

This Spanish and Italian restaurant in La Oliva is famous for its tapas dishes and delicious appetizers. Casa Marzia offers dishes such as an avocado tartare, which guests say is a must-try, along with the grilled brie cheese. The food here is cooked with passion and is undeniably unique. The owner is Italian born Marzia, who can be thanked for this delicious treat.

Restaurante Casa Marzia
Restaurante Casa Marzia – @ casamarzia

La Jaira de Demian

La Jaira de Demian is a Mediterranean and European restaurant, which serves delicious salads, freshly caught seafood and traditional Canarian dishes using local ingredients. Guests of this restaurant rave about the selection, as there are many meat options, as well as vegetarian dishes available. Order a bottle of red wine with the meal, and what you have is the perfect combination.

3 Calici

3 Calici is an Italian restaurant and wine bar, a great place to enjoy a lovely dinner and a night out with drinks. The atmosphere is relaxing and yet upbeat at the same time. The wine list is extensive and goes very well with the delicious food menu. Tapas such as the olive tapenade comes highly recommended, as well as the authentic Spaghetti Bolognese, which tastes fresh and home-made.

El Bounty del Muelle

Serving only the freshest seafood, El Bounty del Muelle is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. Here one can dive into the creative menu, which includes a tapas sharing platter, freshly caught sea bass and lamb cooked to perfection. They serve gluten-free bread, much to the delight of those who suffer from celiac disease, as this is quite a rarity in the Canaries.

Getting to La Oliva from the airport

For the thriftier travelers, there is a bus which can take them directly from the airport to La Oliva. This is the line 7 bus, with the ride taking around 1 hour and 40 minutes, due to the many stops on the way. A taxi can also take them to their final destination. This will be a significantly faster trip, as it will take only about 30 minutes to arrive, but can cost much more than a bus ride.