Costa de Antigua is a small town on the east coast of Fuerteventura, a great place to unwind and relax with the whole family. It has a horseshoe-shaped sandy beach which connects the town to the sea, with a stunning backdrop of the mountains. It is much quieter when compared to other tourist spots in Fuerteventura. Costa de Antigua is rarely crowded, which is one of the reasons why frequent visitors keep coming back here.

Weather in Costa De Antigua

The weather in Costa de Antigua is pleasant all-year-round, which makes it an ideal place to spend winter as well as summer holidays. The coldest month here tends to be January, when the temperatures can drop down to 18°C, while the summer months see temperatures soar to around 25°C on average.

Thing to do

Despite Costa de Antigua quieter nature, there are many activities to keep busy with, while vacationing here. A range of outdoor tours on buggies and quads will spark the interest of those who are more adventurous, while museums are frequented by those who would like to learn more about the Canarian culture.

Playa del Castillo

Costa de Antigua is only a couple of kilometers away from the Playa del Castillo. This beach is frequented by visitors who are out to spend their summer days picnicking and working on their tans. It is also an ideal location due to the cafes and restaurants which line the promenade. There are hardly any currents here, making it a safe place to go for a swim.

Fuerteventura Golf Club

Fuerteventura Golf Club is a haven for golf enthusiasts visiting Costa de Antigua, as it is only a few minutes away and is a world-class facility. This course features an 18-hole course – an exceptional place to practice and enjoy a game with friends. Hotels and villas are also available here, making it practical for planning the ultimate golf holidays.

Antigua Craft Fair

The Feria de Artesania is an artisanal fair where over 200 stalls are set up to display artwork, crafts, and souvenirs made by locals and residents. A stage is set up to host many musical performances, while food and drinks are also sold from stalls. A free bus takes visitors to and from the event, making it easy to be visited.

Museo Del Queso Majorero

The Majorero Cheese Museum is an excellent place for cheese-lovers to visit, as it can help educate them when it comes to the art of cheese-making. Here they will also learn about the natural features of Fuerteventura, the livestock and cheese-making culture, as well as the type of cheese they produce here. As a bonus, the cactus and succulent garden outside of the museum makes for a spectacular spot to take photos.

Museo Del Queso Majorero
Museo Del Queso Majorero – © museoquesomajorero

Salt Museum Salinas Del Carmen

Another entertaining and educational site for a visit is the Salt Museum in Fuerteventura, where one can learn how salt is formed and processed. Salt has undeniably become a staple in our modern diets, but it has been around for centuries. Visiting the salt plains will help anyone develop a real appreciation for this essential mineral.


Villas la Estancia Golf

Villas la Estancia Golf is a villa complex, which features an outdoor swimming pool and a garden. There are three bedrooms available in this house, perfect for a family, or a group of friends. The location here is just perfect, which is also one of the reasons why it is so highly rated. It is close to all the essential sites and is located in a quiet and sheltered neighborhood.

Elba Lucia Sport & Suite Hotel

A stunning hotel very close to the water, the Elba Lucia Sport & Suite Hotel is one of the most popular accommodations in Costa de Antigua. The hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens, with two outdoor swimming pools, a fitness gym, and a solarium. A variety of dishes is offered at the breakfast and dinner buffet, while a pub is also on-site, as well as a small supermarket.

Globales Costa Tropical

The Globales Costa Tropical is an aparthotel in Costa de Antigua, which offers bright and spacious duplex bungalows, and apartments. These apartments have either a pool view or a sea view while being surrounded by lush gardens. A buffet breakfast is served at the restaurant daily, but each apartment also comes with a kitchen, which includes a toaster, microwave, and a kettle.

Globales Costa Tropical Hotel
Globales Costa Tropical Hotel – © hotelesglobales

La Piramide Fuerteventura

The apartments at La Piramide are only a 10-minute drive from the airport in Fuerteventura, as well as only 3 kilometers from the closest beach. This aparthotel features accommodations which include a hot tub and sauna, as well as a tennis court and a fitness gym. The complex also has its café, and restaurant, as well as a bar by the pool.

Smartline Castillo de Antigua

Smartline Castillo de Antigua is a popular family hotel located right by the water. A pool area features two outdoor pools with surrounding gardens, as well as two children’s pools. This hotel has one restaurant and three bars from which guests can enjoy refreshments close to the pool. The amenities here include a billiards table, a kids club, as well as a gift shop, where one can purchase souvenirs and other necessary items.

Restaurants / Bars

Casa Marzia

Casa Marzia is an incredible restaurant, which ranks as one of the top places to dine in the Costa de Antigua area. Some of the items on the menu which come highly recommended are the avocado tartare with grilled brie cheese, as well as the sea bass and the tuna carpaccio. A wine list will go well with your choice of dishes, highlighting the flavors and making the experience even more pleasurable.

Algo Mas – Caleta De Fuste

The atmosphere at Algo Mas can only is nothing short of authentic – guests who come once during their trip are very likely to return here. They also feature nights with live music. The portion sizes here generous, and the quality is excellent and worth every penny. The t-bone steak here is especially fantastic, while the chocolate mousse for dessert is an absolute must-try.


Those who would like to explore an extensive menu with a variety of dishes will love Ascencion, as there is something for everyone here. Even fussy eaters can find something that suits there palette, as gluten-free options and vegetarian choices are a part of the Ascension menu. The ravioli is delicious here, as well as meat dishes such as rabbit and kangaroo for those who have more adventurous culinary preferences.

Bar Oliver

Bar Oliver is a busy pub serving Italian and Spanish specialties, along with a choice of cocktails and beers. Here they serve dishes such as langoustines, burrata, a selection of tapas, as well as salads. The menu is also child-friendly, while the atmosphere is perfect for the entire family. Bar Oliver is said to have the best cocktails in Costa de Antigua, which every guest can attest to.

Fun In The Sun

Another favorite among guests from the UK is Fun In The Sun, a resto-bar which opens for breakfast, and is said to serve one of the best breakfasts in Costa de Antigua. Their dishes come at very low prices, making it an excellent choice for those who would like to dine well, at a steal. The roast is a great choice for Sunday lunch here and goes perfectly with a pint of brew.

Getting to Costa De Antigua from the airport

There are a few options for guests arriving at the Fuerteventura airport, in terms of getting to their final destination, Costa de Antigua. Those who are budget-conscious can take the line 3 bus directly from the airport to the bus stop Nuevo Horizonte, which is only a 7-minute trip away.

Another option is to hire a taxi, which isn’t very expensive, considering how close Costa de Antigua is to the airport. Many visitors opt to pre-book a shuttle, which departs the airport and takes them to the doorstep of their hotel, which is a fuss-free and cheap option as well.