With a name like Costa Calma, “the calm coast”, one can already picture the potential of a relaxing a revitalizing time at this resort town. Located on a coastal strip on the southern part of the island of Fuerteventura, visitors are greeted at this town with rows of palm trees and beaches with bright turquoise waters.


Costa Calma got its name due to the offshore wind conditions that makes the water on the beach calm and still, offering only minimal waves. Because of the perfect windy conditions, this spot has become known for being an optimal kite surfing and windsurfing spot, for those seeking out adventure sports.

Starting off as a village around the 1970’s, Costa Calma has since grown into a popular holiday destination among European vacationers. It is especially well liked among German tourists, many of them turning into expatriate business owners who have contributed greatly to the selection of cafes and bars in the town.

Why visit Costa Calma

The beaches of Costa Calma have a magnetic effect on anyone visiting them. It is hard to beach the cream-colored sand against the crystal-clear blue waters that you will encounter on a beach stroll on sunny days, especially when compared to the beaches available around the Atlantic.

Costa Calma also has an array of lagoons you can choose from, depending on what type of a vacation you are seeking out. Those who prefer to spend their days sipping a pina-colada while working on their tans on the beach will have plenty of beaches to choose from to suit their needs. Thrill-seekers can find many activities such as kite surfing and windsurfing, and other water sports to keep themselves entertained with on their summer holidays.

Sandy Beach with Vulcanic Mountains
Sandy beach with vulcanic mountains in Fuerteventura island. – ©Eva Bocek

For those who are looking to truly enjoy their freedom under the sun, there are quite a few nude beaches to choose from in Costa Calma. As a whole, this charming little resort town is ideal for couples, families and singles alike, as it has many things to offer, for as long as you are looking for a rejuvenating little summer vacation under the sun.


Whether you are an individual, looking for some solo downtime, or a parent trying to find ways to keep your children entertained in the sun, Costa Calma offers a range of activities that will ensure that you don’t find a moment of boredom on your vacation in paradise. Otherwise there are beaches aplenty, where the simple company of a book, some sunscreen and a sunbed can make for an incredible holiday moment. For those who need more than that, there are quite a few ways to stay occupied.

Risco del Paso Playa Sotavento

Windsurfers and kite surfers will instantly recognize the ideal wind and water conditions that can help fuel their best watersports experience. This enormous sandy beach serves as the perfect location to spend the day getting in and out of the water and making new and fun memories to tell your friends about.

Windsurfing on the beach of Costa Calma
Windsurfing on the beach of Costa Calma – ©Wiesław Jarek

Sotavento Shopping Center

Sotavento Shopping Center is one of the major points for tourists to score some gifts to take home with them. The African Market offers many trinkets and souvenirs such as fake branded handbags and sunglasses, while Shopping Center El Palmeral can have more shops with clothing and other items one might want to shop for while on holiday.

Oasis Park

A great choice for groups or families is Oasis Park, which started off as a botanical garden and nature reserve, and has since developed into a small zoo with animals such as camels, elephants and gazelles. Oasis Park prides itself in their contribution to wildlife preservation, with live educational sessions featuring parrots, reptiles and sea lions, which are held in the hope of creating more awareness around nature.

Playa Esmeralda nudist beach

Costa Calma has quite a few nudist beaches, but Playa Esmeralda has got to be the most popular one – and with good reason. This beach is connected to other nude beaches, with tanning beds and umbrellas available for rent, too. Playa Esmeralda is slightly sheltered and tends to be quieter, so it makes for a soothing little afternoon of dipping in and out of the turquoise water, while acquiring a tan everyone will be envious of.

Getting to Costa Calma

Costa Calma is on the southern stretch of the Jandia peninsula of Fuerteventura, on the eastern coast. To get there, the easiest way is to fly directly to the Fuerteventura airport and take advantage of the many transportation options that can bring you to your final destination, Costa Calma and its many stunning beaches. Once you arrive at the airport, you are about 65 kilometers away from Costa Calma, which takes an average of about an hour to get to.  

By Car

Once you exit the airport, follow the signs that lead you along the FV-2 south in the direction of Morro Jable. You will pass through several towns such as Caleta de Fuste, Tarajalejo and Oasis Park. Get on the new motorway called the “Eje Norte-Sur” and pay close attention to the exit signs that point towards Costa Calma. You will have several opportunities leave the highway and make it into the resort town, without getting lost.

By Bus

To get to Costa Calma by bus, take the number 10 direct bus from Puerto del Rosario to Morro Jable. It is important to check the timetable, especially during weekends and public holidays, as there tend to be fewer buses scheduled on those days. Taking the bus can be an economical solution, as it should only cost around 7.55 euros per person.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi can cost a little more, but is quite possible the easiest way to travel to Costa Calma, especially if you are a group or a family. On average this can cost around 75 euros, which isn’t the most economical option, but it does save you the hassle of having to check for timetables or navigate yourself.

Where to Stay

As Costa Calma was built to be a resort town, there is a wide range of villas and hotels to choose from that are geared to provide its guests a temporary home in paradise. Many hotels are located directly on the beach, allowing for a stunning view on the white sand and bright blue water, directly from your bedroom.

Faro de Morro Jable
Luxury Bungalows On Costa Calma – ©Zdenek Matyas

For those looking for something more affordable, there are hotels such as the Jardin del Rio that sits atop the main strip of beach, with a magnificent view of the sunrise over the horizon.  Hotels such as the SBH Crystal Beach Hotel & Suites has its own bar & restaurant and beach access so there will be no need to leave the hotel other than to shop.

Families might prefer larger hotels with more amenities, so everyone can find their own form of entertainment. In this case, guests will have many other hotels to choose from, such as the H10 Tindaya, which sits on the beach with a breathtaking view of the ocean and boasts of its own spa, restaurant, bar and a wide range of children’s activities. One of the most popular hotels in this resort town is the Risco del Gato Suites The Senses Collection, where guests can choose to swim in a heated indoor pool on colder days, or enjoy the view of the blue sea from the privacy of their own balconies.

Where to Eat

One of the best things about vacationing in Spain is the food, and Costa Calma fully lives up to those expectations. Restaurants come in abundance, with selections ranging from Mediterranean to Italian cuisine, or traditional tapas, there is something for everybody. Quaint little cafes also line the streets of Costa Calma, making it easy to find something delicious, whether morning, noon or night.

El Bar de Marko y Moni is a hole-in-the-wall hidden gem in town, where tapas and wine come highly recommended by happy customers. For those on the lookout for a wider range of European dishes, Tasca Dos Jotas serves delicious favorites such as fillet steaks and a selection of fresh fish dishes, and a stellar wine selection. These restaurants tend to get quite busy, so it might be necessary to reserve a table in order to grab the best seats in the house.

Kape is a bustling little café that allows you to custom create your breakfast meal, by choosing individual short orders to combine. An evening spot perfect for a couple of cocktails or wine is La Terracita, while vacationers who prefer a more casual nightlife setting will be drawn to Rapa Nui SurfBar, which overlooks the bay and serves the perfect meals for those who spent the whole day doing watersports; spare-ribs, chicken wings and sandwiches.

A charming holiday destination for any age

There is no doubt about it, Costa Calma stands out for its beauty and quaintness, but also for the unique selection of activities it has to offer. The true worth of a perfect paradise of a resort town in defined by its personality, its views, its climate and its people, and in those regards, Costa Calma has more than enough to offer.

Those seeking out a peaceful time in the sun surrounded by bougainvillea in all shades can certainly find their balance and center in this town, while those who are chasing the winds and action will find this in unique and beautiful Costa Calma, too.