Sitting atop an imposing cliff west of El Golfo, Bascos Viewpoint is one of El Hierro’s observation decks with the most splendid vistas. It’s a high point where the land and the Atlantic Ocean meet, providing dramatic panoramas of waves pounding the craggy shoreline below. Standing on this mirador, you are caressed by strong trade winds while admiring the postcard-perfect sights of the island.

Why Visit Bascos Viewpoint

El Golfo Valley is a picturesque expanse created by a landslide that occurred about 15,000 years ago. Today, it is veiled with lush endemic vegetation, thriving alongside vineyards, orchards, and small villages that seem minuscule compared to the vast Atlantic and staggering cliffs that surround it. Dominating above the vale is the 670m-high Mirador de Bascos, and it stands on a massive cliff-face and serves as a window to soul-stirring views of this natural amphitheater.

The Best Views of El Golfo And Beyond

This stone-walled observation deck provides sweeping vistas across the 15-kilometer wide and around 1,500-meter-deep embayment. As you peer over the edge of this precipice, everything you’ll set your eyes on from this vantage point explains why El Hierro was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It also justifies the claim that the island’s northwestern side has the most incredible natural features.

Standing so high up gives a perspective similar to what you would get when on a glider or a low-flying airplane. The La Frontera coast invites observers for some carefree wandering. On the other hand, the small traditional village of Sabinosa with its specks of white houses down the slope of the enormous Tanganasoga volcano looks like a civilization lost in the splendor of nature. A place of peace and calm, the sight and sound of falcons hunting are a welcome disturbance, while the appearance of the silhouette of La Gomera a rare gift.

A Great Hike to Bascos and Other Attractions

The Bascos viewpoint most definitely offers an absorbing and unique experience, but the sightseeing starts way before you reach the windswept lookout. Hiking is recommended to get the full experience, and it often begins at Santuario Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes, which is 3.6 kilometers away. The walking routes, rated as moderately easy, weave into the hills, passing by the communal pastures of La Dehesa and the track to El Sabinar, a popular tourist attraction of captivating juniper trees bent and twisted by nature into surreal shapes. From here, Mirador de Bascos is only 500 meters north.

Important Note: Part of the short cobbled path to the observation deck has crumbled down into the ravine below and has not been restored. For now, visitors will have to admire La Frontera from either side of the viewpoint for safety reasons. Cloud and mist permitting, both spots provide dramatic views.

Dining Options

La Frontera is home to many lovely restaurants where holidaymakers can stop by to fuel up before going on a short hike to the Bascos Viewpoint or after to recharge. Include our roundup of the best food places in the area when planning your visit.

Ocho Aborigen

Chef Marcos Tavío of Ocho Aborigen sends guests through an incredible culinary journey using the organic and aboriginal products of El Hierro. While you will not eat what the indigenous people ate, you get to enjoy all the same flavors, along with fantastic views and ambiance—the combination of these three dials up the entire dining experience.

All courses are worthy of unending compliments. The artisan bread served with salty and creamy goat butter, followed by gofio brought straight to your table right after live cooking, are sublime starters. The lamb with several side dishes for mains was simply mind-blowing, while the unique papaya dessert with chocolate and pork rinds rounds off the entire meal perfectly.

Restaurante Puntagrande

The famous Puntagrande Hotel of El Hierro was named the smallest in the world in 1984. While it initially made a name for its size, it has since emerged as one of the best gastronomic destinations on the island. Their menu blends Mediterranean and traditional Spanish flavors and changes according to the seasons. Notable for offering a range of fresh, quality seafood and meat dishes, the tuna poured with boiling hot oil, tempura in different wraps, and prawn paella are just some of the offerings that bring people here every day. The incredible sunset views and entertaining stories from David, the owner, are also part of what makes the experience unforgettable.

La Bodeguita de Fá

This small restaurant opposite Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria serves solid Spanish and Mediterranean dishes with impeccable plating. Classic offerings like beef carpaccio, mushrooms with Iberian ham, honey glazed quail, lasagna bolognese, risotto with mushrooms, and supreme salmon are popular picks here. All of these top-notch choices are perfect after a hike to and from Bascos Viewpoint, especially with a few glasses of wine. For a decadent dessert to end a meal on a high note, try their chocolate mousse au Grand Marnier.

How to Reach Bascos Viewpoint

Visitors using a taxi or hired car to go around El Hierro can take the routes below to reach Bascos Viewpoint. Note that HI-506, which leads directly to the mirador, is a dirt track and some car rental companies do not cover damages on roads with such conditions.

From Valverde — Drive along HI-5, HI-55, then HI-500 to HI-506
El Pinar — Drive along HI-400 to Hi 506
Frontera — Drive along HI-551 and HI-500 to HI-506

If you prefer to travel via public transport, the closest you can get to Bascos Viewpoint by bus is by taking bus line 12 from anywhere in Frontera to Pozo de la Salud or Sabinosa. From either of the two, you’d have to go by foot, taxi, or hire a car to reach the mirador.

Tourists coming from Valverde should take bus line 03 to La Frontera. On the other hand, those coming from El Pinar must reach Valverde first via bus line 02 before proceeding to La Frontera through bus line 03.

Bascos Viewpoint: The Window to La Frontera

The Bascos Viewpoint is the window to La Frontera, particularly El Golfo and all its natural beauties. It is the ideal vantage point to contemplate the dramatic landscape of this part of the island. As you stand in this stone-walled mirador, you’ll also realize why the entire El Hierro was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.